Humans Are Driving Animals To Extinction At A Shocking Rate

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  1. Fossil and genetic evidence tell us that animals have been going extinct since long before the existence of modern humans – but how might extinction rates differ if humans suddenly ceased to exist? A recently updated calculation suggests the rate of die-offs would be lower. Much, much lower.

    According to a team led by Stuart Pimm of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina,human activities are driving species to extinction at roughly 1000 times the background rate, i.e. the rate at which species would die out in the absence of humans. That's at the upper end of a previous estimate of Pimm's, published in Science in 1995, that not only underestimated the rate at which species are currently disappearing, but also overestimated the background rate over the last 10–20 million years.

    That's scary for any number of reasons, but the most frightening of all may be how little we understand about the balance of speciation and extinction on the global scale. Is the inflated extinction rate pushing us toward some catastrophic tipping point? At what point , if any, does the rapid loss of species cause large-scale ecological systems to break down? As New Scientist's Peter Aldhous puts it:

    The big unknown is what the high current extinction rate means for the health of entire ecosystems. Some researchers have suggested "sustainable" targets for species' loss, but there's still no scientific way to predict at what point cumulative extinctions cause an ecosystem to collapse. "People who say that are pulling numbers out of the air," says Pimm.

    The upshot? Earth may be on the cusp of its sixth mass extinction. Of course, if we've learned anything from the last five major die-outs, it's that our planet (and its various inhabitants) has a way of recovering. Whether humanity recovers with it remains to be seen

    I'm a fan of animals, so I do not approve of this. But then again, this is yet another obvious sign of #endtimes so I'm split :hmm: :notsure:
  2. Time to go human hunting.

    *cocks gun*

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  3. Millions of people die daily, and I'm barely phased. Animals go extinct, poachers hunt, we destroy their habitat etc -- that gets me butthurt. :angry:

    I know that's somewhat hypocritical because I'm living in a modern town and eat meat and such, but still. Kill humanity. Leave the rest of the world alone. Does that make me a horrible human being? Probably. \__/
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  4. Using animals for life is fine but killing for fun... THAT BOLD SHIT! Animals make this world beautiful, if it wasn't for them, it would just be a buncha hairless moronic apes killing each other. Two things piss me off.... Animal cruelty and child abuse. You hurt kids or animals you deserve a metal rod shoved up your ass with a flag on the end that says I am a piss poor excuse of a human being.
  5. The day grizzly bears go extinct is the day I go on a k*ll**g spree. :angry: :mad2:

    (censored so that the NSA doesn't bust down my door)
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  7. How long 'til we get flamed?

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  8. Mother Base doesn't approve animal cruelty.
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  9. look at all these hippie dippie weirdo homo faggots
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  10. Said it before and I'll say it again, the earth and life on earth will be here long after humans cease to exist. Stop whining! I'm a cop you idiot! It's not a tumor!
  11. Exactly. I always flip it around on "go Green" and "save the Earth" people. I tell them "you selfish son of a bitch. You don't care about Earth, Earth doesn't need your "care". You just want the Earth to fulfill your own selfish needs"
  12. I say the same thing... (going green is bs, yadda yadda) But it makes me mad when people abuse animals in anyway.
  13. Blatant animal abuse, sure, it falls right in line with child abuse for me. They are inherently innocent.
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  14. True, but a lot of the extinctions are due to habitat loss. Not direct animal abuse.
  15. Humans did the habitat damage.... not always but a lot of the time. :pity:
  16. Right, but they didn't do it specifically to hurt animals. They did it to build housing or gain lumber, etc.
  17. Not all of them :kitler:
  18. Name three!
  19. I'm with Senhor on this. Unless it is blatant abuse, like a dude kicking a stray cat because he has a 3 inch dick, I'm not too concerned with it. Species are constantly going instinct, that isn't a man created phenomenon. They may usher it along in certain cases, but again, they don't set out to fuck over animals.
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  20. It just gives me another excuse to shit on people.
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