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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by HarsH, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. Hey WF Community!

    First of all, THE BACKGROUND.
    Update Background Image of this forum, because it's so old & it novelize this forum as old.
    Change name of "The Ramp" section, i liked this forum a lot, i invited my 4 Facebook friends, it's Damn Confusing for them.
    Please it's a Humble Request, Change it into "Members Announcement" or "Introduce Yourself" or anything rather then Ramp.

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. #2 Coon, Oct 29, 2013
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    It's called the ramp because it's your first steps into the forum and it's your place to make a first impression on the crowd (in this case, the rest of the forum). If it confuses your friends then they shouldn't be going on a wrestling forum.

    Also, it'd probably be better if you actually made more than 5 posts before trying to change the entire forum.
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  3. Damn Coon isn't fucking around tonight.

    I don't see the problem with the background and on the ramps description it says something like introduce yourself........ It shouldn't be confusing.
  4. Not for me, but for my friends.
    Anyways thanks for your 'RESPECT'!, Your Words just hurted me Coon, I'll never look back to this forum again :emoji_slight_smile:
    Don't even have respect for new comers! Delete this post.

  5. No no please come back I didn't mean any of that.
    Really come back.
    Come back, you're vital to us.

    pls respond
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  6. Stay golden,Ponyboy.
  7. What an overreaction

    > Change this.
    > Coon says no.
    > Im leaving.
  8. To be fair, it's probably better that he left now lest he see some of the more offensive stuff I could say.
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  9. I side with the OP. Coon fix this bullshit or I'm out as well
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  10. inb4 le wild Jonathan appears and calls you a tader

    Give us a better background and we'll add it. The reason there are section descriptions is so users like your friends can navigate without hurting their brains too much.
  11. Jonathan doesn't get many moments, and you just took one away from him. I was setting it up on a tee so he could come in quote me and say YEA BACK TO WRESTLING FORUM PUSSY BWUAHAHAHAHAHA I'M SO LOYAL CRAYO PLZ LOVE ME?!
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  12. Someone called?
  13. Agree with OP regarding the backgrounds, which look bad. Could we have one that is just one colour (blue/navy/black)?
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  15. Who'z Op? :3
  16. You.
    OP = Original Poster
  17. Okay Thanks, & can You Change Your Siggy? It'z making me horny -_-
  18. OP from the Opie and Anthony show
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  19. Yeah this thread isn't going anywhere.
  20. wtf did xanth just do some work?
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