Kayfabe Humbling Experiences

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  1. *The Bullet Club are already in the ring, Ty sitting down in the corner wearing jeans, a T-Shirt and a cap, which is strange for fans, Jason is leaning over the ropes with his hand on his jaw, looking extremely pissed off while Tyson is sitting in the middle of the ring on a steel chair.*

    Tyson: Right...so.....yeah. Last week, the three of us, we were less than successful against our opponents. I admit, I lost fair and square to JJ Colton, due to me underestimating his ability, Jason lost against Votan, who I think is taking steroids due to the fact he was able to easily pick up a three hundred and thrity pound man but I digress, Ty came upshort against Trodaí, but let's be honest, that victory means nothing because he'll leave in a few weeks anyway.

    The point of us coming out here, it is not to whine and complain about matches we should've won or situations we were placed in because of a crooked GM, no. The point of us coming out here is to ensure all of you, that the Bullet Club is still the most dominant force in WWEF. One bad week does not prove that we are not the stars of this show. In fact, that makes our story greater, it makes us grow closer and stronger. It's true when people say you learn more from a loss than you do from a win, you see, we found out our weaknesses in those matches and we'll grow stronger because of these discoveries, because with each weakness uncovered...that's another weakness removed.

    So your can keep cheering Trodaí, Votan and Jackass Junior Colton, but it won't change the fact that their wins over us mean absolutely nothing. All it means is that they got lucky on that night, any other night we would have steamrolled over them.

    The Bullet Club is still the leading force in WW-

    *Tyson is cut off by the lights suddenly going off*


  2. Robert Blake: Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages please stand up and welcome your Savior......God!

    *Robert Blake appears from behind the curtain laughing. He is dressed in full black. He stops at the stage as Tyson watches his every move. He begins to speak with his earpiece*

    Robert Blake:
    Hello, I should probably say a few things since being God is probably too much to take in. Remember me? I was that weird guy calling himself the Archangel even though I wasn't. Why am I calling myself God? Well that's very simple, I am the God of darkness. I am the darkness and I am the God of this world. Why is God here? Well I'm sick of people like that in my ring. These little ants that think they're the best because they were sent by God.....Tyson, I didn't send you. The truth is you're just another human that means nothing. I allow humans to live on the world that was created by my power and quite frankly I'm sick of these people. Tyson, you have no right to call yourself or your little 3 man band the best, because you're not the best, I am the best. But you're probably wondering why I'm doing this anyway, am I right? I got tired of seeing this place fall apart to face painted freaks, dumb believers in something fake, a fucking superhero, and you. I'm going to fix things that your kind of people broke. I'm going to fix this place for the people in this arena because they deserve more than you. But every good God needs a little help. For my help I decided to read a little book Hayes likes and that's the Bible. Some guy decided to write this book a long time ago and boy that caused a lot of trouble for me. But when I did read this I saw something called "Angel" and I think they look cool. Yes, I know I was the Archangel but I didn't know about normal Angels until I gave the Bible a read. Anyway, before you all shit your pants Jesus and the God of light were real.....I just made him tap out. But I like the idea of Angels so I went with that. Tyson, can your Bullet Club beat my Angels? More importantly can you beat God? How about we find out? Night Of Champions is in a few days.....Don't see a better place for God to make his debut. Tyson Frosty Frost VS God. How about it, Tyson?

    *Robert Blake waits for Tyson Frost*

    (OOC: I didn't promo for a long time so I need a little time to get back into things)
  3. *The camera focuses back on the three men in the ring, Tyson has an amused smirk on his face.*

    Tyson: You're giving me a chance to fight "God"? To be honest, I think God likes gospel choir more than boy bands but that's just me. You want to make a name for yourself here, Robbie? You know the last two times we faced off in that other place, I so very nearly broke you. But if you want to go one last round at Night of Champions, I can promise you won't be disappointed, you're on.

    *Blake turns his back to leave but Tyson calls him back.*

    Tyson: Woah, woah, woah. Come back, Robbie. I may have accepted your challenge and I can see you've got the balls to interrupt me when I'm talking but when it comes to you facing me in this ring, well, I don't think you have the balls for that.

    *The camera focuses back on Robert.*
  4. *Robert Blake grins at Tyson Frost and begins to walk down to the ring. He enters the ring and begins to give Tyson a death stare*

    Robert Blake: You nearly broke me? I remember beating you both times and I went on to become the last IC Champion after I made you leave. And so you know....I have the biggest balls in the universe. *Robert Blake gets into Tyson's face* And at Night Of Champions I will beat you for a third time. These people will no longer need to hear you and your pathetic claims at glory. And if you can't tell.....I have bigger balls than you.

    *Robert Blake backs up and smiles at Tyson's reaction*

    Robert Blake: Does the truth hurt? Where are your two little kids anyway? I can't believe you found bigger losers than yourself. I saw those guys and wow they're really bad. You have a few things going for you but those guys are dead weight.....And I find it fun that you bring up our previous battles. Do you remember what happens when you mess with me? I broke you and your wife. I made you my bitch twice and you come out here and say you almost broke me? Tyson, we know you like to make things up but come on those shows are on YouTube. And now do you want to reply or should I leave and allow you and your two little friends to get ready for our final battle?
  5. *Tyson laughs before bringing his mic up to his lips.*

    Tyson: Funny you should bring that up, Robbie. The whole "making me your bitch" thing, because I seem to remember driving your teeth down your throat with my elbow, crushing your big brother's leg with a truck and how you were forced into relying on outside help to send me away from you, you knew I had your number. You want to sit there and say you have the biggest balls in the universe, that's laughable because all you do is rely on your followers to weaken your opponent, before you strike.

    Speaking of followers, you want to call these guys standing at my side dead weight? To be honest, you're not even worth the title of wrestler considering how much you hide behind your so called Angels. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that God, meaning you........is just a liitle bitch. All talk and no walk.

    *After Tyson says that, he kicks Robert in the balls and Ty and Jason have to pull Tyson away from Robert, however Robert rolls out of the ring and grabs his mic.*
  6. *Robert Blake looks at the 3 men in pain. He begins to speak while in pain*

    Robert Blake:
    I just needed the reason and now you gave me it. You want a war? Well you fucking have one!

    *Robert Blake falls to his knees and opens his arms. The arena goes into darkness*

    *The lights switch back on showing Robert Blake with two men dressed in complete black. One of the men is a 7 foot man they used to call "Big Dog" and the other is a small man with vengeance in his eyes. The 3 men climb to the outside of the ring as the crowd cheer. Both teams stare at each other ready for a fight until Robert Blake and his Angels drop to the ground. They make their way up to the ramp. Everyone in the arena seem confused as does the Bullet Club. The two Angels leave as Robert Blake stands on top of the stage*

    Robert Blake: Today you got your shot and you didn't finish me.....At Night Of Champions I will have mine and you know I will finish you.

    *Robert Blake leaves as the Bullet Club stands tall in the ring ending the segment*

    (Book it @SupaHeeroh because I made the Bullet Club look strong. Robert Blake VS Tyson Low Blow Frost :kappa:)