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  1. I really like this guy fantastic moveset and a exceptional worker, his matches with Kidd and Gabriel were some of the best tv matches of last year.

    Would like to see him back under the mask again as this current gimmick is holding him back.

    What are your thoughts on him and does he have much of a future in wwe?
  2. I really liked him as Sin Cara, I wish he would be back under the mask again to be honest, it's a shame he's not back on the main roster, just get rid of that mexican gangsta gimmick :/.
  3. Hunico is a great wrestler and I'm baffled as to why they have him at jobber level. I'm not sure how good he is on the mic, but his in ring work is awesome. If he returned under a mask he would get a big push and that just might happen with Rey & Cara being irrelevant at the moment.
  4. Well thats wwe for you they waste talent at times like Kidd as well.Guys like Hunico,Kidd could be used to great affect in the midcard but wwe only cares about the wwe title and WHC.
  5. Another example of moronic creative writers ruining a good talent. Hunico should have stayed under the mask, and not given some stereotypical gangster Mexican gimmick. They really thought someone who enters the ring on this ridiculous bike shouting random shit in Spanish was going to result in the stadium erupting in boos?

    If he's going to be a heel, slap a manager on him as the guy seriously can't work a microphone well.
  6. Give him back his FCW mask and have him go at it with Rey/Cara such an easy solution. You'd only have to change his name.

  7. I think he is best suited to being a face. There was a vid last year on wwe website of him talking about his mask collection and he came across as a really nice guy.
  8. That video is actually how I became a big fan of the guy, lol.

    I agree. Maybe a tag-team with Tyson could work out well. But they need an actual gimmick instead of oiled up wrestlers who can't talk but can wrestle.
  9. Masked Hunico + masked Kidd (Blue Blazer 2.0) have them cause havoc on NXT or Smackdown, then have Generico show up as their leader. A stable of masked wrestlers has never been done in WWE to my knowledge.
  10. Brb, ringing Vince as your reference for when you apply for creative writer.

    But yeah, dope idea.
  11. I agree with this so much. I will always remember his finisher on superstars while chatting with @Stopspot . They gave him this amazing top of corner move that i just thought was amazing. Spot also had some old vids to check otu, and all were great. The hunico character is horrible, he deserves to be over Rey and Cara easily by now, put a mask on him, and when he faces Rey at WM, let him take it back off (if he wants)

    I would accept this only if it was like a hernandez character (i know camacho was useless on mic, that's fine, give it to hunico and let him be his own mouthpiece) The only issue is he would be shitty on the bike.

    I want to see him make a promo about losing his way and missing out on the american dream, pick up ricardo as announcer, get some music inbetween cara/rey, and make him the mexican counterpart to ADR, not to face each other, but to make their countries proud.

    I loved the vid of him showing off his mask @Crayo showed me when we used to be in the minority of fans here who actually saw potential in Hunico. Dude is awesome in ring, and had just a wasted/worthless gimmick. Again, i would kill to see him come back, especially with the help of ADR, which would put him over even faster. The issue is he wouldn't be able to face Cara/rey since they are horrible faces. I guess you could turn rey heel, since cara cant even speak, but that means we have to deal with those two facing each other in a midgets match before we get Hunico. I would rather he just bury both in a 1v1 one week, 1v1 the next, then a 3 way match he destroys in at a ppv, any ppv.
  12. Hunico is an awesome talent, him not getting enough TV time is embarrassing, this is one of the reasons why the Cruiserweight title should be revived, someone like Hunico and Tyson Kid would benefit a lot from it.
  13. He's a great talent, although I think he's injured at the moment. They gave him a bad gimmick, and he's much better than Sin Cara as a luchador. Hunico, Kidd and Generico in a masked guys stable sounds great as well.
  14. I would love a Masked stable, but it will probably never happen xD
  15. Good in ring but too lacking in other areas for my taste (he's not as fluid as Rey or Cara, safer absolutely but Cara is almost liquid with how he flows) a midcard face is his spot IMHO.
  16. Hunico is definitely better than Cara imo, I never liked Cara for some reason.
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