Hunter shaves noggin

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. No pics :sad:


  2. I Want Pics dammit.






    Is that Chael Sonnen?
  4. Why do I freak out when wrestlers cut their shoulder-length hair? I felt the same way with Edge... 0_0

    Anyways, I like the longer hair. Looks hotter.

    Off-topic: Edge's is wonderful, long or short.
  5. The guy is going for the Booby Roode look. This suits him so much more.
  6. Yes it doesn't look bad on him. He still very much looks like the game. I was expecting undertaker bald when I first read it before pics were available.
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  7. Me toooo.

    My thoughts, not translated in English:

    "Di ba pag "shaved", wala nang buhok? Fuuuuuuuck mukha siyang panot nun!"
  8. Triple H is such a wannabe Bobby Roode
  9. That look gives him an awesome dictator GM look though. I can't wait for the inevitable dictator heel GM HHH.
  10. Maybe if Chael Sonnen stopped eating for 3 weeks, got AIDs, died, and came back as some squirrely looking retarded kid
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  11. :dawg::dawg:
  12. Looks good on him, nice that he didn't shave bald.
  13. Yeah, it's actually not too bad. I was shocked to see it, but hell, if he's really making some changes and doesn't plan on wrestling for a while... why not start with the hair.
    Of course, when I first heard (read) I was like :please: before I saw the pics. Then I felt a little gay.
  14. Leo you have to find a new avatar now lol
  15. I keep seeing the word "shaved".

    I don't think that word means what a lot of people think it means.


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  16. oooh yeaaah!
  17. Trrrriple Roooooooooooooooo
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