Hunter vs Bryan: How interested are you?

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    Tagging @edge4ever since we started this in another thread and am interested in how people feel about this.

    It seems pretty likely that the Authority "storyline" will progress/wrap up at Wrestlemania with Triple H facing Daniel Bryan. How interested would you be in seeing that match? Is it enough to satisfy you? Will it make up for Orton/Batista?

  2. I should care but I don't. HHH is rumoured to be absolutely going over Bryan, and that is just going to fucking suck. I will always think about how they screwed it up if this match actually takes place, but it does make some kayfabe sense. I just don't give a shit about HHH to be honest.
  3. The more I hear about Mania, the more I'm put off. I want Bryan to get the pay out from all these months of him being screwed over. I don't particularly want to see HHH bury anybody, it's time to let the younger, fresher stars shine. I'm an Orton fan but I don't want to see him and Batista as the main event- I did think Hey at least it won't be Cena, but he's probably the lesser of two evils after all. I'm one unhappy bunny at the moment.
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  4. It's the only WrestleMania match I'm looking forward to (besides maybe a good Streak match). I want it to be the main-event. I want Bryan to make Hunter tap. Don't care how the rest of the show goes, as long as that happens.
  5. *Warning: Obvious Impact Fandom Approaching*

    For me to be interested it'll take a stipulation that either guarantees a Bryan win or scares you into wanting it. Something like "If Bryan wins he becomes #1 Contender at ER, if Hunter wins then Bryan doesn't get another title shot.", or just making it a straight #1 Contenders match so we'd all be like "Oh hell no, Triple H is gonna bury Bryan and book himself as champion, fuck this company".

    Guess they could do something like "If Bryan wins then Brad Maddox gets full control of Raw" to pay off the Authority but nobody can possibly care about that. We want Bryan with the belt.

    Crayo, I almost hope they do have the balls to put Hunter over Bryan in the 3rd match on the card.
  6. Haitch will let the vanilla midget go over him.
  7. No need for a stipulation because if Hunter loses, which he has to, he and Stephanie will take a break for a few months, signifying Bryan has beaten the authority, and therefore Vince or whoever is in charge, will give him whatever he wants.
  8. I'm interested. Really more from an IRL perspective more than kayfabe. they can book the build however they want, it doesn't matter to me, I know the match will be great and I simply want to see of wwe has enough faith on DB to put him over.
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  9. I want for Bryan to face Triple H with a stipulation on the line, being that the winner gets to fight in the main event later in the night. They could also have Vince and Maddox in Bryan's corner to give him some "backup" seeing as how Triple H will most likely have HBK there. They could tease Triple H winning by having some information "leak" so that we all are fooled into thinking "OH SHIT TRIPLE H IS GOING TO BECOME WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION FUCK"
  10. Lol at people thinking Bryan would go over Triple H.
  11. Just a thought that has sprung into my mind. What if they pulled a Wrestlemania IX and have HHH/Bryan fairly early in the night just to have Bryan come out (with Vince's backing?) after the Batista/Orton match and beat the Champ (say it's Orton) in a last-second match between Orton and Bryan for the title.

    Note: At Mania IX, Hulk Hogan teamed with Brutus Beefcake to take on Money Inc. for the Tag Titles and lost, but Hogan was announced after the WWE Championship match (between Yokozuna and Bret Hart) to challenge Yokozuna for the WWE Championship. Hogan pinned Yokozuna to leave the event as WWE Champion.

  12. I wouldn't mind it as long as Bryan goes over Triple H. I would be interested in the feud, seeing as HHH and Bryan work pretty good with each other in terms of promos, whenever HHH tries to bury Bryan with his cheap shots, the crowd gets behind Bryan even more.
  13. Very those two will put on a strong match.
  14. Why? From a Bryan fans' point of view, this is the best possible scenario. The company's biggest heel at WrestleMania, ending a feud that started last summer. Bryan can win the championship whenever, and why the fuck would you want to lumber him with Orton/Batista - let their separate match get shat on by itself.

    This. In the biggest match of his career, Bryan will be going all out and Hunter's great at storytelling during matches. If the right result happens and it gets enough time, it could be a 5* classic.
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  15. I feel its a waste and HHH cant really have good matches anymore, I mean look at his past record and look at the people he has faced. Undertaker, Brock etc couldn't give him a good match and I also read that HHH wants to go over and that of course would be the dumbest shit ever. The real way to end this feud is to have Bryan Vs (C) Some Authority guy and Bryan overcomes all odds and wins the title and we finally get the payoff we expected a long time ago.
  16. Didnt everyone love the HIAC with Taker
  17. Hunter can't have good matches? Well, his matches v Lesnar were just brawls, so ignore them, but I loved both his matches with Taker. I presume he's getting back in shape and believes he can put one on. Not even going to think about Hunter going over, fuck no, he can't. Who's this authority guy? It's Wrestlemania, Bryan wants to end it by facing the man himself.
  18. you don't like anything

    (not that I loved that match)
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