Husky Harris a new character?!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Check out this promo cut by Husky himself.

    I think this promo is fucking sick.
  2. Damn that's a good promo. Didn't think he was that good on the mic. Didn't strike me as that during his first RAW run. Even that laughter fits in with what seems to be a slightly deranged preacher character. I'd like to see that on RAW or Smackdown soon if booked correctly.
  3. I know really good promo I've heard in a long ass time. I keep listening to it.
  4. Pretty good promo tbh.

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  5. I saw that a while ago, great promo. A nice gimmick, Husky played it perfectly.
  6. First minute fucksucked, the whole laughing after every bit was annoying. But the content and the delivery afterwards was great. It's a good gimmick, he has the look and can wrestle too. Always liked this guy.

  7. Another promo he cut and his in ring début. Apparently he is on the short list of guys to début on the main roster along with his brother Bo and Ambrose.

  8. That was a really good promo. Nice gimmick for Husky.
  9. I'd like to see him debut with that character. Then eventually add a few followers. I could see it as kind of a Raven's flock kind of thing. Getting some weak minded followers to obey him. I like it.
  10. If Husky came up to RAW or SD as Bray White then I believe he could really hit. Give him a cult of followers around him and he could even give some of the jobbers a reason to be seen on TV and maybe even elevate them. He sure is showing charisma, charm and mic skills I did not see in his first run.
  11. Not sure on the obey sort of idea, Punk had that and it didn't really work.

    I like his one enforcer in big Eli. Have him as some psycho country guy, awesome.
  12. The character is based of a psychotic cult leader from the movie Cape Fear. Some kind of following is to be expected if they want to book him true to the gimmick. But considering the charisma he is showing now it could very well work as a solo act or with just one bodyguard. If Eli doesn't follow him up I think Slater would do since it would hanker to his southern gimmick.
  13. If he's a Cult Leader, it would make sense for him to have a few followers.
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