HWD'Z watches Raw while sipping chocolate milk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Lmao @ that fire. Way to go WWE.

    Recap #1. My guess is there will be at least 7 during this 3 hour Raw.

    Punk opens the show to a nice pop. Okay, I like this. Annnnnnnd he's still face. As I expected, but this is still a good opener.

    Big Show :serious:

    :angry: CENA NOT HERE TO TALK! :pipebomb:

    so it's going to be a triple threat match at SS huh :thumb:

    Show/Cena main event.......


    Show Spoiler

    WWE is becoming unbearable with this Tout bullshit

    Santino. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Please lose the belt you fuckhead

    Another non-title match with ADR? We already saw this pointless squash match once, why have it again? Jesus WWe is stupid :aries:

    I'm predicting a Goldust return to form a tag team with Del Rio. The writing is on the wall with ADR's new attire.

    Santino lost??? b-b-but he's US Champion! He must be good? So Del Rio has squashd Santino once and beat him cleanly tonight and gained nothing, while pretty much burying Santino and the title. Bravo. Oh and now he cuts a promo pretty much saying what I just said. Even better booking :obama: . I BEAT US CHAMPION LIKE NOTHING.


    Brodus Clay :upset:

    Vickie :urm: . This is just :facepalm1: worthy useless filler. Sandow now? dafuq WWe why do this to us

    Finally recap #2, albeit a short one about Sandow getting whooped.

    Now Brodus is getting the brakes beat off him by Sandow lol. Having him go over clean in a match would have been cooler, but this is a... nice rub? I guess? Clay has become a beatdown jobber lately to big Show and now this. He can only beat jobbers like Swagger


    Recap 3: Jericho/Ziggler


    AJ/Bryan. :nbuuk:

    Bryan vs Sheamus.. no. no. no. no. no. no. no.


    Recap 4: HHH/Lesnar. This is at the 50 minute mark. on pace for 12+


    Sheamus backstage segment. I think he's been going over his lines with Cena. #heirtothethrone :facepalm1:


    D-Bry in the ring pouting. And he's about to job to Sheamus. So much for the badass D-Bry we thought we might get. :((


    short recap with ADR/Sheamus. #5


    Street Fight. Meh. Sheamus beating up Bryan. Standard stuff. just ran out of chocolate milk. makes me hate this match even more

    D-Bry is getting the shit kicked out of him lol. Sheamus called timeout to smile and pander to the crowd. Cena says son, I am proud.

    Sheamus selling an ankle injury. Wouldn't be cool enough if he won when he was 100% healthy. Of course he needs an ailment first.

    Poor D-Bry taking this pounding for this shitty Raw match. Now D Bry on the kindo stick attack. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kindo sticks are pussy shit. To a guy like Sheamus those are nothing. Anyone who wants to exchange kindo stick shots just bring your sticks and come over to my house and we'll do it

    Sheamus was swinging for the fences on D Bry and Bryan didn't even flinch. PUSSY SHIT just like i said, and Bryan knows it. I'll admit this match has actually been pretty good. Bryan has actually looked decent, but I'm sure SuperSheamus will come out soon.

    Oh, Brogue kick win. There it is. Good match, but predictable as they come. LOL EVERYONE'S FAVORITE PLANT


    Recap of Punk's promo. I think that's 6.


    :facepalm1: :facepalm1:

    There's the more aggressive Bryan we all wanted to see! Flopping about in the ring crying for a doctor!

    holy go fuck yourself WWE. SO bad. and another recap (7)


    Meaningless appearance for Kofi and Truth incoming. The viewers are leaving by the thousands. Now Bryan is talking to Little jimmy :eww: . This is appalling. Now he kicked little jimmy.. how barbaric. fucksake. 0/10 segment


    halfway in and this is already starting to feel like a chore


    Meaningless singles match between two meaningless wrestlers who are a part of two meaningless tag teams. I wonder if Kane or Big Show will come out to bury all 4 of these guys at some point during or after this match?

    lol'd @ 'your momma'- and Kofi jobs to Titus which was less funny. Kofi, you poor bastard. Kofi for X division champion


    Slater cutting the same promo as always.. and he gets to eat an RKO. :cornette: .


    More corny D Bry segments. Truly cringeworthy.


    wait a goddamn second. I'm sitting through 3 hours of Raw and ZIGGER, JERICHO, Miz and Christian are all 4 going to be wasted in what will probably be a standard 6 minute WWE tag match. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :finger: :finger:


    Man, Christian is not over at all with casuals.

    Out comes Ziggler and for at least a few moments, Raw is awesome. "YOu know who you came to see" :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:

    Jericho looks great. Ziggler + Jericho + 20 minutes at SS = MOTYC

    DZ headstanding it up lmao. Such a champ

    damn, Dolph whiffed on his fameasser. I'm sure it was on purpose, DZ doesn't botch. It was clearly scripted that way.. he and Christian planned it.

    Jericho is soaking the crowd's panties. they wanted that win after the lionsault.

    The faces cheat to win?? Beautiful. That's not something you see in WWe every day. Jericho wins, and DZ whoops his ass. Nice build. My panties are sopped thinking about this match at summerslam. LET'S GO ZIGGLER. LET'S GO ZIGGLER. LET'S GO ZIGGLER.


    MOAR BRYAN. GODFUCKINGDAMMITFUCKOFFALREADY. His character at this point reminds me of Angle when he was sort of a comedy heel when he was an upper mid carder in the early 2000s. Bryan isn't nearly as funny though IMO




    Tensai vs Kidd. Rainman's aroused. Kidd lasted almost 90 seconds. Valiant effort I suppose. oh and of course Tensai beats his ass more after. lol @ reversing the decision. talk about stupid bullshit.


    more. bryan. filler. goodness gracious. lewilde kane appears? wtf. nobody wants to see that shit


    ME time I guess. I'm not watching this match. Fast forward. Punk interrupts and then kicks Big Show. Okay? Triple threat it is. Who gives a fuck.


    Overall a pretty boring Raw. Punk was better than he has been, but still wasn't great. I'm not crazy about the bryan filler segments, but Ziggler was great as always.

    3 hours really made the show drag
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  2. Now I want chocolate milk.
  3. :true: Such wise words coming from the guru himself.
  4. :lol1:

    Hey, don't bash the fire! At least something's getting heat around there.

    Hate sounding like Crayo here, but Raw's a lot more tolerable with something else going on. Turn on the main-event, listen to Punk on commentary, and play Minesweeper or something. Go argue with 'tards about the Chick-Fil-A protests on Facebook during all the ridiculous recaps.

    Kofi for X Division Champion indeed. And Tout can die in whatever grease fire Claire Lynch wound up in.
  5. I am sorry Dolph's but I cannot agree with a lot you are saying here. There was a whole lot of positives in this episode that you seemingly ignore for the sake of making this thread enjoyable to read.
  6. Disagree with so much of this but hey ho' it was a funny review. I guess me actually liking the fact that D-Bry got the most TV on the night and the fact this is turning to an aggressive character (we've already seen that last night) was the separator as you seemed to hate it. You skip matches because you think you won't like them but Big Show vs Cena was great and Punk was SO AWESOME on commentary. If you hate Jerry Lawler then re-watch the match as Punk was basically shooting on his pedo ass, calling his commentary rotten.

    Tweener Punk is fucking fantastic. They nearly ruined the whole night though bringing AJ out to announce that, it was fine with Punk leaving and them just announcing on wwe.com that it's a triple threat. AJ can gtfo of Punk's storyline.
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  7. Only match I skipped was Big Show Cena because after 2 and a half hours of Raw I don't feel like watching two guys I have zero tolerance for in the main event.

    and like I said.. Bryan reminds me of Kurt Angle when he was first getting pushed, only a lot less funny. I'd much rather see Bryan not being involved in stupid ass backstage segments with a doctor asking him stupid questions.


    When I'm watching live I tend to do this, but with it DVR"d I just fast forward through stupid shit when it gets too bad. That's not exactly a great thing to say about Raw.

    "Yea, I know it sucks but just do other shit while it's on and it will distract you from it's awfulness!!" - er, okay
  8. How soon until someone does a recap of the recap??

    ie.... "randy savage reads Hollywood Dolph's Ziggers watches raw while sipping chocolate milk..... After watching raw!"

    Comments on every comment Dolph makes....

    Come to think of it... That would be pretty fricking funny...

    But I see crayo doing that sooner than savage tho...

    BTW... Awesome read Hollywood... I find these fun to go through!

  9. Crayo and I have gone back and forth before where we basically debated my entire review section for section lol.

    and thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed
  10. It's fun to debate :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I'm normally a Big Show hater but I thought the match was great. Cena took quite an awesome bump too, but he just oversells everything else. Well, oversells, I mean he takes a punch and flops to the floor for like 20 seconds but still.
  11. This may end up totally out of context compared to how the thread discussion is going, but I thought this was the best place to put my thoughts as more people view this than the rate Raw thread. Edit - Nope it's okay, had to make this on an iPod note as I was out :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Was a average-decent Raw at best for me - a lot of the content was pretty good but the three hours were just too much for me. Additionally the  breaks and persistent recaps - something like 5 of them were for one segment as well - just killed all the momentum and excitement for me.

    Punk's first segment disappointed me a little. Again: the content was all there, just should've been a lot longer I thought; I get that they don't want to over expose him, but he should've just spent 10-15 minutes ranting before being interrupted I thought. 

    His character twist is good though. I'm glad they decided to go for the obsessive kind of character instead of a complete copy of last year's Punk which would've undoubtedly been more watered down. Absolutely loved the rants at King which single-handedly added an extra 2 marks to my rating.

    Agree with Dolph's that the ADR/Santino match was pointless as hell. They might as well just ditch the US title, it's had zero credibility ever since Ryder lost it. 

    Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus was an awesome match by Raw standards. Although, I'm pretty sure it's rigged but why the hell did they go for a street fight ? Falls count anywhere is basically a street fight only with falls counting anywhere... So surely you choose that !?

    Titus vs Kofi - God I fucking love you AW. That remark was class, I just hope it doesn't get you fired, would really kill PTP's momentum and that would be a shame considering they are one of the first tag teams to be properly built in ages. Also, I'd miss his witty remarks throughout the matches tbh.

    I'm not a fan of this D-Bry story whatsoever. Many of us have been asking for aggressive Bryan for ages but instead of looking badass and destroying people, he looks like a complete and other tit and that's not the direction I wanted his character to go. Also it's looking like the storyline with AJ isn't finished and just the thought of that makes me cringe. I have to admit though I did find some of the segments backstage mildly amusing - which only goes to show how awesome he is to make that crap work. 

    Glad there seems to be a Brodus/Sandow feud in the works. Sandow was made to look awesome by getting the better of him, which I'm glad to see, he deserves a push which he seems to be getting. They've pretty much written his character perfectly with the balance of aggression and his enlightening stuff. 

    Chris Jericho/Christian vs Miz/Ziggler was really good by Raw tag match standards - Everyone came out of that looking pretty strong especially Ziggler with the assault at the end. The thing that irritates me is that there was so much more they could've done with these two fueds especially Miz/Christian. Both are decent enough mic workers that they could've had a promo and set up a proper fued instead of just a generic one. Jericho and Ziggler - I guess kind of depends how long they plan on having it for - but another mic seg would've been welcomed by myself last night.  

    Chris Jericho is stupidly over, people have just been waiting for him to turn face since he's came back; never seen a mega heel turn face and get pops like that so quickly. 

    Sure this was around the time where Orton returned - not a single fuck was given.

    Tensai/Kidd was great to see. I thought they'd just given up on Kidd but he's obviously still in favour with the higher ups. This was exactly how their first match should've gone IMO but they've gotten rid of the shock factor of Kidd winning now I guess. Oh and that ending was perhaps the most retarded thing I've ever seen :dafuq:

    The main event was a fucking awful match but that didn't matter as Punk's commentary was incredible. He basically said everything to King that us smarks have wanted to for years. Every time he opened his mouth he just destroyed him and progressed his character well in the process. 

    As for the announcement of the Triple Threat at the end - such a poor decision but didn't bother me at all as it was painfully predictable, don't understand why they needed to add Big Show at all, Cena vs Punk was absolutely fine; probably just so they have someone to eat the pin I imagine. 

    As I said at the start - average to decent Raw but I found my attention drifting away again. Still, much less filler but from the posts I last read before I had to leave the house I think it's unfair to hate on Dolph's for the OP as it's his opinion and it's not like Raw was anything special to be honest. 

    Still, looking forward to next week which is always a good thing. 
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  12. You could sit here and tell me Show/Cena was a MOTYC and I still wouldn't gaf about the match. I just don't care about either of those two morons. You could tell me that you went to a summer league NBA game and some rookie had 60 points and it went into 5 overtimes but it won't mean I would want to watch it. I don't care about the summer league, or Cena & Show
  13. But your ratings of TNA go like this: "I don't care about these two having a match, but at least it was of good quality so it wasn't that bad" etc. Paraphrasing there. Are you sure your mentality isn't different for both shows? You refuse to watch matches in WWE that you don't care about -- even if they're good -- but you watch TNA matches you don't care about if they're good, or at least show appreciation for them.
  14. What matches don't I care about in TNA? BFG is on and popping and all matches feel worth watching. Also the only people I care as little about in TNA as I do Cena or Show are like Garrett Bischoff and RVD.. guys who's matches I would never praise.

    I just don't give a fuck about Cena, Show, or anything they do. Nobody getting spotlight in TNA warrants this lack of me giving a shit . I'm also completely unsure what pertinence this has to me not watching the match.. If Big Show and Cena came to TNA to main event Impact i would skip that shit too
  15. Don't we all grade WWE and TNA differently? It's a whole different product, and I'm pretty sure we all look at the two companies differently. I'm as shocked when TNA does something terrible as I am when WWE does something right.

    And by "doing something else" I meant during all the countless pointless recaps. WWE finally had enough time to showcase everything, it's a shame that it took them roughly 3 and a half hours to do it. Cena and Show wrestled each other 50 times already and the match sucked ass every one of those times. Why would you watch the 51st encounter? But Punk on commentary was awesome.
  16. good review :obama:
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