Hypersonic Travel

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Dec 11, 2012.

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    A British company’s air-breathing rocket engines have passed the European Space Agency’s initial safety tests, meaning that Hypersonic travel will soon be possible.
    Reaction Engines has designed a new engine style that enables the engine to “breathe air“. Essentially allowing an aircraft to move at speeds roughly five times the speed of sound, and making travel from one destination to another within 4 hours time possible.
    The company spent over 20 years developing the Reaction SABRE (Synthetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine), that can operate in two modes: “air-breathing” and “rocket“. The dual system is being described a major breakthrough in propulsion systems worldwide.

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  2. That's incredible, Japan or Australia in 4 hours. I can only imagine what the cost would be though :silva:
  3. It's really amazing to think about, the cost would be through the roof though. You're right
  4. Despite money costs it sounds badass. That's a pretty good amount of time that you save with those kind of engines, good job on whoever made the breakthrough. Probally a 'Murrican in Europe :jbl:
  5. God save the queen
  6. UK doing it all, as per.

    We are so smart.
  7. I'll give you guys this one. Pretty neat invention
  8. Also depends on how noisy it would be as Concorde in its latter days struggled for flight routes due to sound pollution. Hypersonic gotta be bloody loud when it hits.
  9. I'm sure it will have it's downfalls but the possibility is still sick nasty
  10. Its total amazeballs i just wondered how itd work regards sound pollution. Being lazy regards punctuation sorry.
  11. It's fine man lol. Yeah, of course they didn't include the negatives in the article.
  12. Only reason im curious is my nan lives near Manchester airport an normal planes can be noisy so would jus be interested on the sonic boom created when hitting hyperspeed? Is that what we would call it? Im being negative its a great achievement and its awesome im just intrigued to know more.
  13. It would have to be loud. I'm wondering how you would travel on it too? Obviously not on the ground because the risk of hitting something at that speed. You would almost have to invent some kind of a railway tunnel or secure a way to fly it.
  14. I presumed they would whack it on a plane at high altitude?
  15. I have no idea. I will hopefully hear more soon.
  16. That and the fact that no one could ever afford to ride the Concord so the whole thing was just scrapped.
  17. It was scrapped because one blew up in Paris and they never got the numbers back onboard after that.

    Edit: I'm sure I saw the other day it would fly at a much higher altitude due to 'sound pollution' (fucking stupid) and the risks caused by the speed.
  18. Years to come it will be almost instant between travelling. Then we can actually look into travelling successfully through space.
  19. I wonder what kind of restraints you would have to wear to help ease the G forces. Or perhaps they would ease into any turns they might make.
  20. I really want the tube things off futarama.
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