Kayfabe Hypocrites

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  1. *Camera pans to Ben Song sitting on his throne with The Webmaster and Reaper standing either side of him he puts down a piece of paper, looks up to see the camera and begins to speak*
    Ben Song: Disciples, you may remember a group of "men" who call themselves the bullet club and our history with this group. Well today it dawned upon myself and The Webmaster that our proposed match against this club of idiots didn't end up happening due to someone deciding to "No-show" the match and I am not very happy that my understudy and myself did not get to pummel these two buffoons into the ground. And due to the fact I know the bullet club will be watching I suppose you could say that The Webmaster and I are "Calling you out" as you would put it.
    *Ben Song slumps back into his chair*
    Ben Song: So Bullet club. We shall now see if you are men or just merely scared boys running from damnation ,
    *Camera fades to black as Ben Song and the rest of the disciples begin to laugh*
  2. *Camera fades back into The Webmaster standing in front of Ben Song and Reaper looking at the Disciples ready to add his view to Ben Song's previous speech*
    The Webmaster: As Ben Song was kind enough to not name any names in the Bullet club itself I will Ty Creed and Jason Frost are the two hypocrites we will be destroying and dismantling at the Night of Champions PPV and to make a long story short the reason I call them hypocrites is due to the fact they decided to call me the Weebmaster which I insinuated as them trying to call me a weeaboo which is just perfect coming from 3 guys who play dress up and act like a Japanese faction well I'll tell you what fellas there is no los Disciples de Japon over here so you guys better get ready to eat you words come this weekend.
    *The camera pans to the crowd of gathered disciples and fades out as they begin to cheer for The Webmaster*
  3. *Ty Creed and Jason Frost burst out from backstage Ty has a microphone in his hands, they stop walking as they reach the ramp.*

    Ty Creed: Look who's at it again J, the Weebmaster and Ben SingSong.

    *Jason and Ty laugh to each other.*

    Ty Creed: You two have some guts to come out here and talk trash about the greatest faction in wrestling history 'The Bullet Club'. I think I sense a little bit of jealousy don't you Jason? Is that why your here because your jealous of us? Because you know damn right well we are better than you? Or is it just because both of you deluded bastards can't sort your head out and you actually think your better than us?

    *Ty and Jason laugh again at Ben Song and the Webmaster.*

    Ty Creed: You want a match at Night of Champions? Well I guess you can have one, after Jason talks some sense into you creeped out weirdos.

    *Ty passes the mic to Jason.*
  4. *Jason grabs the mic and smiles*

    Jason: Ty, you're right. You see, we do accept your little challenge for Night of Champions. I don't know if I'm gonna talk any damn sense into these deluded bastards, but I will tell 'em something. I'mma tell you what we are going to do to these punks. We're gonna punch, kick, claw, bite and break their bones and we're gonna bleed 'em dry! Night of Champions is going to be known as the Songmasters' last night.

    *Jason stomps on the stage*

    Jason: We will crush these little ****s beneath our boots and then...I'mma open a bottle beer over their blooded and broken bodies and I'm gonna drink to the death of the Songmasters! YEAH!!!

    *Jason throws the mic down and the two walk back through the curtain*