Hz Frequencies & Binaural Beats

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 13, 2015.

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  1. I have been digging these lately. Anyone else ever use them? I have tried several of them and for the most part, they do what they say they do. Some need a few days to kick in. I need to sleep with noise. I use these and fan sounds I get from Youtube.

    Anyways, here are a few. You need to use high quality headphones (not speakers) and do not blast these, trust me on this one. You are suposta meditate with them but I sleep with them.

    To get more like these search "Binaural Beats" on Youtube and put whatever you want help with after such as "Binaural Beats Headache".

    Here is what they are about -- > Binaural beats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Don't use intense ones after drinking or using drugs because the effects are heightened and can make you sick. I personally believe that everyone's body resonates with frequencies on a subconscious level which is why music is so powerful in many of our lives. Also why mind control and emotional transitions use music. Even studding with music on improves your memory.

    Yes, I am weird. No need to tell me.

    On this note, I am going to bed. Enjoy.
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