I actually dig Bray Wyatt

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. I actually dig Bray Wyatt while I havent been here I have been watching him very closley and omg he is amazing and the future of the company he nails this character down so well. I also have mentioned on my twitter that he should take the US title off Dean Ambrose as he hasent defended it at all and I think Bray would be make a great US champion and considering the other two are gonna get the tag titles at Royal Rumble its fittng for Bray to hold a title aswell. Bray Wyatt is gonna make an impact in 2014. Oh and I think this sister Abigail is real and it will be Paige she has the pale look to play a dead character that isnt really dead. I think Abigail being dead is just in Bray's head and really she is alive
  2. I'd rather see someone like Seth Rollins win the United States Championship. I think it'd be almost poetic if after all this time, a former Shield ally ended up being the one to win the title off of Ambrose. And Rollins is a much better candidate to do that than Reigns because Reigns is getting a strong push after The Shield ends and winning only the third most important title in the company would only slow down his ascension to the top. Plus, Ambrose/Rollins seems like they would have more chemistry with each other as opponents than Reigns/Ambrose would (even if the latter is what they're teasing at the moment.)

    Bray Wyatt shouldn't hold a title yet IMO. I like the idea of Wyatt commanding Harper and Rowan to win the tag team titles but doesn't personally feel he needs a title to validate himself. It goes along with the whole cult leader persona of sitting back and letting his followers do most of the work. Plus, I'd rather they didn't repeat the same exact "dominant group of three men holding championships" thing so soon after they did it with The Shield.
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  3. No fucking way Seth shouldnt be US champion. Bray Wyatt should be US champion that guy has skills
  4. I disagree the US Champ on Bray is pointless like it is on Ambrose he's above it.
  5. Seth has more talent than Bray, Wyatt is a strong mic worker with decent athleticism Seth is a top 5 in the company kind of worker who can work the crowd better. Both are above that piece of shit Ambrose currently holds sure but dismissing Rollins is idiotic.
  6. Why in gods name would Bray want the US title? It contradicts his character completely.
  7. He should win it and change it into the Buzzards Title. This way, people chasing for it will be following the buzzards.
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  8. the ONLY way i would see him wanting gold is if A) Bryan won it, but would have to happen ASAP, or B) HHH won and he wanted to show the people their authority figures can't hold him back. Neither would involve the US title.
  9. I like how blffl thinks every time she grows to like/dislike a character it warrants a thread

    can we just have a catch all: BLFFL declares her admiration or disdain for wrestlers thread ?
  10. No way Bray has more talent than Seth his mic skills are amazing and for a big guy like him he can sure move around fast. Seth only has the high flying ability, his mic skills are not that strong. Bray should be US champion he could make that title his own and have a long reign with it
  11. How many times have you heard Rollins speak? Dudes good enough and saying he only has high flying is comical.
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  12. yo blffl would u bang bray?
  13. See? You agreed with me and said it yourself - Rollins should win the US Title.
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  14. Theres always a possibility
    As for everyone else come on Seth isnt that good hes just a Jeff Hardy version 2 with his high flying moves. Bray Wyatt has the full package the mick skills, the ring skills and lets not forget he got a huge build up to debuting on tv where as the Shield didnt
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  15. Have you seen Rollin's NXT work or his ROH matches? The man is an all-around wrestler. When is the last time Bray had a 1v1 match? Summerslam against Kane? That match was horrible. It was him getting chokeslammed until Rowan & Harper got over their fear of fire.
  16. I have seen clips of Rollins in NXT and hes nothing special. Bray has the character nailed down along with the mic skills and ring skills and that inferno match he had with Kane was good and lets not forget he took out Kane and also other wrestlers with that finisher move
  17. Yeah, he's just like Jeff Hardy... except with better mic skills and without any drug abuse... which sounds like a hell of a talent to me.
  18. Plus he has a lot better striking / mat wrestling than Hardy which seems to be getting missed, Seth can chain his high flying into a long match easily especially as a babyface plus he bumps like a champ.
  19. Seth is just a Jeffy Hardy wannabe hes not gonna have as many title reigns as Jeff did and thats a fact
    Bray Wyatt wil have title reigns and his character has made him a huge star in WWE he got the biggest debut out of anyone
  20. Seth isn't a Hardy wannabe seeing as he hasn't been arrested/suspended/Fired for any drugs and Isn't in a High-flying Tag team with a family Relative.....

    Bray won't have title Runs atm seeing as he's a Cult Leader and he's ordering Rowan and Harper around to win titles.....

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