Royal Rumble I am dissapointed with RR

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  1. After overcoming technical difficulties and slow internet, I just finished watching RR. I must say I expected more from Johnny and Jericho.
  2. Agreed. I said beforehand, if Jericho is not the pick to win it, then he should eliminate himself further adding mystique to his character. As for Ace, I expected more of a finally than that. But the match itself from Punk v Ziggler was great.
  3. Johnny Ace was pretty good imo. The way he made the count at the end after attempting to screw punk just worked for his corporate stooge gimmick.
  4. plus with him not being in the ring they were emphasin him on his phone textin again!
  5. I think I was just expecting more. We've seen those stoogy like attempts to get Punk the loss week after week on RAW. In the end it just made Ziggler look bad. Did Ziggler even hit his finisher once?
  6. I don't think Ziggler hit his finisher once.
  7. I enjoyed everything except useless spots on Rumble.
  8. u appreciate foley an ricardo?
  9. Sure, they were entertaining.
    Also I disliked how their wasn't that many big stars in the Rumble.
  10. i enjoyed foley an ricardo thought it was two good comedy spots

    every announcer an otunga grated on me!
  11. RR wasn't that great. Only couple of short parts were fun to watch.
  12. By the way, wasn't Kharma pregnant?
  13. Yeah she was. She had the baby some time in late December I think.

    Many people were surprised when Kharma showed up at the WWE Royal Rumble, due to the fact that she left WWE programming eight months ago after announcing she was pregnant..

    According to TMZ, Kharma (real name Kia Stevens) gave birth to a son, Jamie, back on December 31st. Stevens and her fiancée plan on getting married in June.
  14. I assume you mean Lauranaitis, as he didn't do much due to his career assessment.

    But I gotta disagree with you on Jericho, he put up a major fight in it, amazing upper body strength showcased when he pulled himself up twice. Almost eliminating Sheamus numerous occasions, and especially eliminating the man you put "took him out" Randy Orton. I was so happy with that elimination, I wish Orton was heel again
  15. *cough* I called it.
  16. ????????????????
  17. He made a thread about Kharma coming back before she did.
  18. Oh, That was clear from day one she would come back very soon . There was news that she was expecting to give birth in december,
  19. I didn't expect her back until after Mania tbh. I though she'd still be on maternity leave.
  20. No one thought she'd come back at the rumble though :wink:

    Am I proud? Hell yes.