I am done with football

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Germany was my last hope after the hard defeat my team suffered against Chelsea in the Champions League. I am very sad right now.

    Schweinsteiger and Lahm deserve a CL trophy and I won't be angry if they decide to leave Bayern because they need new experiences. Ballack also left Bayern for the same reason.

    I will not watch football actively again from today. Time for new hobbies.
  2. Le wild butt hurt appears.
    Seabs uses see sig.
    It's super effective.

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    Football is great keep up with it man, seriously try supporting England and a craptacular second divison team, even though we do have Semedo, the man Ronaldo wishes he could be.
  3. Well how fickle....
  4. You're complaining to the English fans about lack of success?

    As a Manchester United & English fan, this year was horrid for me. Though my ties with Madrid made up for that with absolute freaking dominance. But yeah, football is fascinating to follow bro. Our arch rivals won the league in the last second, but the PL this year was more exciting than any other year. It's been an awesome year of football and more is to come. Glory supporters rage if you don't win, football fans will enjoy the show.
  5. Please, Please, Please ask me to give you a run down of Southport FC's season?????

    Then you'll shut up =)
  6. [​IMG]

    Pretty much told you. Don't be butt hurt..
  7. Just dropping this in: I hope you know Germany and Bayern are not the BITW's now lmao :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. How can you be done with something when the season hasnt even started? :troll:
  9. Man fuck you for being so damn fickle. Try living my sports life asshole. A lifelong Raiders fan, Warriors fan, and Athletics fan. This won't mean shit to the Brits who don't follow American sports but trust me when I say these 3 teams combined have SLURPED DONG for 90% of my life. The Raiders had a 3-4 year span in the early 2000s that they were good, and back to back 8-8 seasons the last two years which seemed like a god send. The Warriors have made the playoffs ONCE since I became a fan in the 90s. And the A's are the cheapest team in baseball constantly selling their players for prospects the second they start to look good.


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  10. LOL @ raiders fan, The most serious mother fuckers in the sports business. Loved Cali life. As for the athletics, same problem as oakland being asshole owners, one of the best coaches and monetary moves every season. Believe me, i feel you as the Crew have a lot of seasons up until Attanasio bought and started spending his own cash to cash in on it all. Love good owners, pity great teams with amazing coaches who cant afford to keep even one big star. Thanks teams like the yankees, sox, angels, rangers, white sox, and others who will blow 100 mil no prob on a player that hasnt even shined yet. Another reason i LOVE braun.
  11. love us or hate us, you've got to respect die hard Raiders fans. This shit aint easy man
  12. You think being a Raiders fan is hard? Try being a Dolphins fan for the past few years, where we nearly went 0-16 but managed to win just 1 game, then a couple the year after. As for Baseball, try supporting the Blue Jays who haven't made the post season since the early 90's.

    OP should be happy though, at least they get to play in the champions league, and not spending 11 years trying to get back into the second division of English football.
  13. The Raiders set a league record for most consecutive 11+ loss seasons. Yea the Dolphins have sucked as well, but we were the worst team in the league from 2003/4 to basically 2010. oh and if you really want to get into a who sucks worse dick measuring contest: two words; Jamarcus Russell. You didn't have to suffer through that shit
  14. Who the hell are Dolphins and Raiders!!

    I am talking about a Country who suffered 2nd and 3rd places on a yearly basis since 2001, not a team that tries to make the first division!
  15. If you guys want misery, try the 2007 Ravens Season. For a franchise known for success coming off a 13-3 season with high expectations, everything that went wrong, did go wrong. At least you guys were able to put your arms up before that chair went towards your face.

    Kyle Boller = Most Underrated Draft Bust Ever

    Hey Mark, the Dolphins' had a nice end to the season, didn't they? Maybe that's a sign of things to come.
  16. Football, not hand egg people.
  17. Yea, so fuck off and die. You think coming in 2nd and 3rd place is worse than coming in last place? Quit watching sports you fickle pos, I implore you to do so because you are a pathetic 'fan'

    Oh fuck off. The Ravens have one bad year and you want to throw your hat in the ring? gtfo

    Sports are sports and fans are fans. He cries about his team not being the best and we are just showing him there are much worse scenarios. He is pathetic
  18. LOL Sports are not Sports but yes I understand since you are an American.
  19. Stay retarded my friend.
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