I am kinda happy right now...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. I expect a summer like the rest of the summers here... It's going to be warmer, that means, BEACH!
  2. Lol nature. I lived in a 100+ town for years. You can try to be hot, but it still won't do a :damn: thing.
  3. Thank god I live in NJ......
  4. Thanks for the Ohio weather update brit. Looking forward to it! :yes:
  5. me 2 :ksi:
  6. You're face makes me happy, bbygirl :ksi:

    Seriously though, this fucking sucks. I'm the west coast :why: :no: :finger:
  7. I am glad! Its going to be warmer in May but cooler in June & July which I love! I miss cooler summers. Haven't had one in Ohio in like 8 years!!!
  8. So we know you live on the west coast now... :ksi:

  9. [​IMG]
  10. Damnit. I hate hot weather. San Francisco is usually windy, foggy and damp, just the way I like it. When it gets too hot, I get nose bleeds like crazy. [​IMG]
  11. It's because of my bikini pics isn't it? :ksi:
  12. :yes:
  13. Why do you want it to be cool in the summer :dafuq:
  14. Ohio weather is similar to Toronto, right? I want Spring weather.
  15. I can't remember back that far :emoji_slight_frown:
  16. This happens to me when i snort cocaine out of strippers butts
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  17. Ohio's averages in Spring & Summer are slightly higher. When its say, 76 there, it will be like 86 here.
  18. I remember one summer when I was 12 or so, me and my cousin were at this 4th of July carnival that happened across the street from the house I grew up in... And we had hoodies on! It was like 62 outside! I loved it! I would like summer to be 75+ 3 days a week and below 65 4 days.
  19. So pretty much I got the better end. lol you suck
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