I am losing hope...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. I am beginning to think that the WWE is relying on boosting their ratings once a month and just giving us random crap and filler the rest of the time. I have felt the product has over all been poor and it doesn't seem to be improving. Last Raw gave me hope and now with this last one, I feel like I have been let down even more. I wont be watching anymore Raws until after WM. If WM goes well, I may start to watch again. I know I complain a lot about it but I can't be the only one that is getting burnt out on the constant rise and let down they have been doing the past few months.
  2. You're just now losing hope? After all these years of the SA!e thing? :pity1:
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  3. Same*
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  4. You shouldn't be giving up on wrestling in general, though. There are plenty of good companies out there.

    Mainly this one: Lucha Underground, Wednesday nights at 8PM on El Rey Network.
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  5. I am a casual watcher though. I don't NEED or have a strong desire to watch wrestling. I mainly watch for a handful of wrestlers I enjoy to see that WWE has. It sucks because I actually enjoy some people seem to not care to see... John Cena and Ryback to name a few. Then other ones I enjoy who are injured... Seth, Cesaro, and Cena... And Brock I enjoy watching but he is used for quick builds and then he is off for several months. I do like others like HHH, Ambrose, AJ Styles... But the over all product of WWE makes is so hard to even enjoy any of them.
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  7. :pity:as long as Vince and Steph are running creative dint expect any miracles
  8. such a LU sockcucker :brock:

    Check out Chikara, Evolve or CMLL. If you want some WWE brand stale product, watch NOAH. :ohyeah:

  9. And you're such a CMLL sockcucker. :stfu:
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  10. Gimmick stealing bastard! :lol1:
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  11. On topic: It's easy to talk about WWE since it's the biggest company, most shows, most news, they do the most matches with the most (kayfabe) possibilities, but as mentioned before I have yet to see many wrestling fans as miserable watching other shows/companies (counting Impact, even, which is putting on an entertaining product despite a lot of bleh-sounding stuff). There is a beacon of happiness out there for you that'll give you your spark back as a wrestling fan, Neptune, you'll find it and see the light like it was an angry Jolteon.
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  12. Lol Chikara, wanna throw in CZW while you're at it?

    ROH is probably the easiest thing to get in to. Think everyone picks up their channel, and it's an hour a week. At worst their shows are solid. Plus, most of their big shows can be illegally streamed. But they're usually worth the money, unlike WWE.:bodallas:
  13. I'd rather have myself a Modest Jolteon. :smug:
  14. Chikara is great. They have the most solid tag team wrestling right now. They are a good hybrid of good wrestling, crazy gimmicks and high-flying action.
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  15. CMLL's dick is so old and shriveled up, that even if I did suck it - it wouldn't do anything.
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