I am miffed. Please WWE, do put the belt back on Dolph

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. WWE stop fucking around and put the belt back on Ziggler he should be the world heavyweight champion he has busted his ass long enough. Alberto De Rio is boring, stale and nobody likes him. Please agree with me people
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  2. Alberto Del Rio is not boring, not stale, and I and a few others here like him. Not sure how anyone can not like him. I will continue to stand by him. He's great in the ring, great on the mic, awesome at attracting heat as a heel, what's not to like?
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  3. I bet Ziggler will be champ at least at NoC.
  4. I agree there is no logical reason that he isn't the WHC at this point.
  5. Edited title. Please try to avoid swearing in titles.
  6. miffed lol
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  7. Honestly was in the minority who thought he'd somehow come out with it at MITB. Both reigns he has had have been fucked by WWE's moronic nature, and bad luck.
  8. You're miffed? I'm stumped.
  9. Lol at miffed. On topic I've come round to ADR over the past few years. Read my early posts on here I couldn't stand the guy.

    However despite ADR being great I agree that belt needs to be with DZ right now as he is hot property similar to DB and everyone sees it.
  10. I don't see the issue with delaying it a bit. Let Del Rio keep it another couple of months before Ziggler refits the gold around his waist and actually gets his long deserved reign as champion.

    The reason I like the angle of putting his title win off a little bit longer is because it puts Ziggler through more of an emotional journey - after finally cashing in his MITB briefcase, he suffered a concussion before his first title defense which perhaps cast doubt on whether he'd get to keep the belt or be forced to forfeit it if he couldn't return to action soon enough. Then he returns and loses it in his first title defense because Del Rio took advantage of his concussion and tried to end his career. But he gets a rematch twice and BOTH times, just when he nearly has the heavyweight gold in his grasp again, it slips away both times - the first time because his girlfriend AJ acts incompetently and gets him disqualified, so he feels the need to dump her and part ways with her, and the second time because she becomes vindictive over being dumped and actually costs him the match on purpose. And then out comes his former muscle Big E Langston to destroy him. Now he has to worry about the larger Langston being out to hurt him and punish him physically on AJ's command. That should be a nice underdog feud for Ziggler. And even when he gets the title shot again, I'm sure he'll still have to worry about both Langston and AJ being out to get him. (If he were to win it back at NOC, I could even see him having to defeat both Del Rio and Langston in a triple threat at Over The Limit.)

    Point is, Ziggler's WHC win ends up meaning more to me if he has to go through 3-4 months of agonizing frustration beforehand rather than just getting it back immediately.
  11. 2 more months to ADR's reign? :why:
  12. If we get a couple more golden matches between DZ an ADR then thats why.

  13. Sounds like you're campaigning for him to capture the gold at Royal Rumble.... possibly Survivor Series. If not, then they'd put it off till even 'Mania.
  14. Sorry didnt realise there was a rule on not swearing in title threads

  15. No, I said he could win it back at Night Of Champions.
  16. This,Del Rio is just such a classy,and,smug heel.:adr:
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  17. You're a miff. :tough:

    The more they hold Ziggler down, the more angry the fans get at him being held down while idiots run around that title like flies around a taco, the more we mark when Ziggler finally gets the push he deserves.
  18. I think he's boring.
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  19. "I am miffed" Lmao. Alkaline is goat.

  20. as do I

    :pity1: @ DK
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