I am Really CM Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by iHateYou, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. I am CM Punk. Respect me.
  2. & I'm really Triple H, I beat you at NoC last year. I am your boss. Respect me.
  3. Oh look... this thread again....

    Hi Randy :otunga:
  4. I am Brock Lesnar. I was a Paul Heyman guy before it was cool. Respect me.
  5. Not Randy this guy lacks his class. I'm saying it's Aids.
  6. His IP doesn't match either Randy or Aids.
  7. Buenas. I am Juandisimo Magnifico:

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  8. Does it match anyones?
  9. I am Bob a small greean alien!
  10. Ok. Where's Paul Heyman? I need to talk to him about my strategy at Survivor Series.
  11. Last time I heard he was renting a limo to try and impress Vinnie'Mac.
  12. We are all Paul Heyman as we all came from the big bang and stardust therefore we are all one!
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  13. Isn't he with you? I told you to leave him in the car when you went places you fool!
  14. He doesn't have to impress that bastard. Me and Heyman are better than him.
  15. What's that tattoo on your chest mean Phil?
  16. It means I am the Best In The World, and you will respect me!!
  17. I can't respect a man who preaches about restraining from addictive substances whilst advertising a drink which is full of caffeine on his shoulder.
  18. Caffeine is not addictive, but you know what now I am addicted to something: being WWE Champion. I'm the best in the woooooorrrrrllllldddd.
  19. With repetitive use, physical dependence or addiction are likely to occur. Also, the stimulatory effects of caffeine are substantially reduced over time, a phenomenon known as a tolerance. Tolerance develops quickly to some (but not all) effects of caffeine, especially among heavy coffee and energy drink consumers.[64] Some coffee drinkers develop tolerance to its sleep-disrupting effects, but others apparently do not.[30]


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