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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. A Cena heel move would be amazing when he came back!
    Think about it. If he were to come back and screw over D-bry... It would be EPIC.
    ..I just want him to be heel so bad. :okay:


    Also - All belts are being held by heels right now. :pity:
  2. He'd break too many sick children's hearts :sad:
  3. Think of the children :upset:
  4. I'd love to see the Doctor of Thuganomics back tbh, but WWE won't do that because they'd stop selling stupid colorful T-Shirts
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  5. He is falling in the same position as Hogan did (no surprise since Cena is this generation's Hogan). He pretty much has nothing else to do but turn heel (again, the last time he was new, no one cared). Problem is the WWE likes him sitting on top as a good guy, it goes well with the company having your poster boy as a hero.

    I don't think it wont ever happen, though, I just don't think it would be any time soon.
  6. Lol, the last thing he's gonna do is turn heel after a 6 month break. You have your top star come back as a face, especially Cena.
  7. Lol forget the children! Heel Cena ftw!
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  8. That'd be cool to see, but what are the chances. He would be a great heel though because it wouldn't be that thuganomics stuff.
  9. To be fair, Hogan took a 4 month break before returning and turning heel on his first night back at Bash At The Beach 1996. But that made sense within the context of the angle. If Cena went heel on Daniel Bryan because he was convinced that Bryan was replacing him as the face of the WWE (or perhaps had already officially done so while Cena was on the side lines from an injury), Cena wouldn't have to be back long at all before turning on Bryan and going heel made sense. Probably not the first night but sometime within the first month at least. It's not happening, though. I'm not sure that Bryan can officially replace him just yet, even though I think Cena's star power as a face is somewhat overrated (i.e he sells a shit ton of merchandise and gets strong reactions from the crowd but he hasn't boosted PPV buys or TV ratings better than anyone else has. In fact, ratings tend to be pretty much the same even when Cena is out with an injury, such as late 2007 and right now. He's also the most hated top baby face in history.)
  10. WORD LIFE!

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  12. Good points. Hulk also jumped on the NWO bandwagon, which was huge, right? Too bad there aren't any heel stables he could join when comes back. Oh wait.......:nope:

    But seriously, not thinking it will happen.:no:

  13. Wait, what? Hogan 'jumped on the NWO bandwagon'? that's like saying Vince Lombardi jumped on the Packers bandwagon
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  14. If Cena ever did a heel turn it would never be a FULL ON heel... Probably closer to the way Shawn Michaels sort of went heel those times when he "worked" for JBL or when he became obsessed with fighting The Undertaker at WM. Cena would "sell out" or do questionable things, but never without obvious remorse.

    In fact, that would probably help his career at this point, because it's at a point where it's like... if he's not champ or trying to be champ, then what the hell is he supposed to do? Honestly, I feel that way about CM Punk now. So he lost to Brock Lesnar, but now they're gonna draw out the Heyman feud even more? Bryan's 99% likely to be champ next, but what's Punk going to do in the mean time?
  15. I thought NWO was around before Hogan was a part of it? And then he joined when he finally came back?
  16. Hogan, Nash and Hall founded the NWO.
  17. Damn it, stupid memory. Ok I'll go smoke another one now.

    Edit: Oh I see. Hogan joined "The Outsiders" Hall and Nash and then formed NWO. Thats what I was thinking of. I knew some element of the NWO existed before Hogan was a part of it.
  18. I was thinking of Cena joining the Corporation when he came back too, but realistically, it's not going to happen.
  19. Wouldn't make a lick of sense either. I'm all for a Cena heel turn, but this oen ain't it.
  20. I always forget about the kids... :mad2:

    I can see them not turning him heel because of that and only that. I still wish they would turn him heel. Even for a few months.
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