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  1. Hey, I'm Phil. I enjoying wrestling, not sports-entertainment, quite frankly sports-entertainment is a non-entity. WWF is better than WWE and WCW will always be better than TNA to me, for now.

    I started watching WWF back in 98 when I was about 7 so I don't really remember anything before 2001, The invasion storyline, (which I still maintain as one of the best ever) was the first one I can ramble on about so anything from then on, I can talk about. While I miss the 'Attitude Era' I can understand and (just about) tolerate why WWE has gone PG. $$$$.
    WCW was dealt a raw deal and with the talent it had should never have died. I blame Kevin Nash and Vince Russo for the demise of WCW.

    I have a very brief interest in TNA. I know the names of the talent and I know (just) the main storyline at the time. I watch nowhere near enough Indy wrestling to even be considered a fan.

    I am a massive 'The Rock' fan and will support him at Wrestlemania despite the fact that the match itself is a travesty. I boo John Cena but recognise the company wouldn't have survived the last 5 years without him.

    I am a massive CM Punk mark and while 'THE promo' was probably scripted it was still very well portrayed and exactly what WWE needed at the time. I also blame Kevin Nash for ruining that storyline.

    My favourite matches of all time are
    1) Cactus Jack v Randy Orton for the IC belt. Backlash 04
    2) HBK v Taker (I) WM 25.
    3) Anything with 'Screaming' Norman Smiley in.

    Rambling now, NWO was a fantastic idea, Nash ruined it. The 24/7 Hardcore belt should be brought back PG or not. David Arquette isn't the worst world champion I have ever seen. Santino should have won the rumble and Benoit should be in the hall.

    So that's me. Hey
  2. "1) Cactus Jack v Randy Orton for the IC belt. Backlash 04"

    I guess I don't remember that match. Did Orton wn? :emoji_grin: :emoji_grin:

  3. Look for yourself.
  5. You blame Nash for a lot of things, I like you already! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Welcome to the forum though, I agree with most things you say. It's nice to see that a Cena hater does actually respect what he's done for WWE. Rock I don't think is winning in Miami, though many people want him too but it'd be so bad for the WWE to do that.

    Santino winning the rumble, I'd of marked my tits off :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Damn, that was a hell of a match. I was beatin so hard that I didn't even remember it... This is how I roll though.
  7. Is Brock Lesnar your hero @[RKO]?
  8. @[Crayo] - I honestly couldn't hate Kevin Nash anymore than I do now.

    I'm not sure, Rajesh. Is there any specific reason that you are shouting at me? I feel rather threatened and with a name like that.. you know.
  9. Don't worry I'm not a Nash fan either :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Don't think Rajesh means to shout either. :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Lesnar is my hero, Orton is my rollmodel :emoji_wink: @[Tzesi]
  12. Racism - Xanth
    Why does this site require 10 posts to private message another user?
  13. Stops spammers phil :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. The CM Punk promo was a bit scripted, but after he started ranting on the McMahon's they cut his mic.
  16. Scripted also.

    It basically went like this "CM Punk say everything you want to say on the mic, don't say things about this this and this, you're allowed to say anything else after. Please include this this and this [most likely the WWE championship match to sell the PPV]" Alot of it was CM Punk himself.
  17. No, they actually cut his mic.

    Source: Lots of Dirt sheets.
  18. Lol yes they cut his mic, but it was part of the story-line...

    Well I presume it is, no one knows apart from Punk.
  19. I suppose.
  20. Shut your mouth and stop using caps lock, you're annoying me with your LQ posts.