I apologise for spoiling an NXT result

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. Hi there everyone I just want to apologise for spoiling an NXT result from my sig. As you know these results are online and I just assumed everyone reads them so me putting the sig pic up wouldnt bother anyone but I guess not so I hope you all can forgive me BLFFL x
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  2. Love you x
  3. And you still have the pic in your sig.
  4. Its covered up though
  5. Still there and isnt clear on what it spoils.
  6. The damage is already done :upset:
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  7. It says NXT Spoiler Adam. If you open a spoiler saying NXT Spoiler, but are mad when something spoiled NXT for you, then only blame yourself.

    You're forgiven BLFFL; thanks for apologising.
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  8. Will still bang <3
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  9. Well done for apologising. No need to stress bout it now its sorted and we forgive you.
  10. Thats good thank you :emoji_slight_smile: x
  11. damn thought I was the only one to receive a kiss. Now I don't feel special. Damn you Cloud
  12. It's okay I guess. :S x
  13. how about u apologize for being such a babe :boss:
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  14. Its fine, we understand that anybody can make a mistake. It's no big deal really.
  15. It was too me! :aries:
  16. *sigh* Nobody cares Adam.
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  17. You have to be so mean Farooq:upset:
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