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The fist fight we were treated to on Raw last night (Jan. 13) was better than anything we could have hoped for.

Mostly, that’s because many of us have very low expectations for whenever WWE invents new match types. Especially ones they themselves don’t arrive on the rules for until hours before showtime.

But, as my colleague Alex Briggs discussed in his review, it’s also because what boiled down to a Last Team Standing match was a lot of fun, and characters were changed by what happened. Entertaining and consequential? We’re not hard to please.

There’s a visual from the match I can’t get out of my head, though. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to.

Maybe I dreamed it. Surely Kevin Owens didn’t run up Raw’s LED half-pipe of a stage like he’d been training with John Morrison and cannonball onto Akam & Rezar, right?

.@FightOwensFight incoming!!

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) January 14, 2020
I see. So not a dream then.

KO retweeted the above GIF, so I assume he didn’t do too much damage when his shoulders hit the concrete.

That’s good. Because I don’t want him to get hurt. Plus, I’d feel really bad obsessively re-watching it if Owens was injured. And I’m gonna be obsessively re-watching it.

Parkour Owens Parkour.

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