News I can’t tell if Orton & Riddle are gonna hang out, fight, or both

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Probably both.

Seems Randy Orton checked out TakeOver: Portland on the award-winning (do we still call it that?) WWE Network. Before he pushed play, The Viper seems to have had a negative opinion about Matt Riddle - probably because fellow veterans like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar can’t stand the guy. But The Broserweights NXT Tag title-winning performance turned him around... mostly.

At least that’s what I’m getting from this tweet:

Hated you. Now I get it. Good luck. Also fuck off. matthew riddle on Twitter

— Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) February 18, 2020
Oh, Randy...

The Bro saw Orton’s message, presumably somewhere between waking and baking, and responded:

I woke up at the crack of noon today and saw this, and I all I could think was “Randy is the Coolest! Also don’t smash my head with a chair bro” #viper #bro #stallion Randy Orton on Twitter

— matthew riddle (@SuperKingofBros) February 18, 2020
Something tells me The Viper would get along really well with Pete Dunne.

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