I can't even begin to explain the levels of butt hurt.. .

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Instead of Ziggler vs Big e, we are getting Big E/AJ vs DZ/Kaitlin.

    I want to cut myself. Why does WWE hate Ziggler so much. Let the guy shine. Every big PPV he gets stuck in some bullshit match and is never given the chance to steal the show.
  2. To make it worse Kaitlyn will probs spear Big E then get rolled up by AJ and Ziggy loses.
  3. The Hollywood Blondes vs Ebony & Ivory

    80s tag match alright! :happy:
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  4. Basically what Cloud said. AJ will defeat Kaitlyn and Ziggler would have lost. It makes no sense, they're continuing a feud that is just boring. AJ defeating Kaitlyn once for the championship was ok. AJ winning Kaitlyn's rematch was ok. Kaitlyn obsessed with AJ makes me think that Kaitlyn is the crazy diva instead of AJ...
  5. I guess someone with in-ring talent barely ever gets respect these days.
  6. No way is Kaitlyn spearing Big E. Maybe DZ by accident.
  7. U sure mate this is the WWE. #WWELogic

    I'm joking anyways just thinking of a ridiculous way they could lose.
  8. Basically that is the point. They respect the people who sells the show better. Guys like CM Punk (he does a great job) or John Cena (not so good in ring worker, really predictable matches and sometimes boring to watch) get all the respect, and when you have guys like Ziggler or The Shield, who their in ring talent is just amazing and it's what everyone wants to watch shine, they put them in matches teaming up with Kaitlyn or against The Usos...
  9. We can expect Kaitlyn to deliver a spear to Big E Langston.
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  10. I doubt this will happen.

    We will get Ziggler v Big E in a gimmick match like No DQ or Falls Count Anywhere.

    This mixed tag match could happen on next week's RAW though.
  11. That's true, but the most probable thing is that they'll have the match at SummerSlam... It sucks, but it's the most probable thing. How would they book it for Raw. Ziggler should defeat Big E and AJ defeat Kaitlyn...
  12. That match outa put butts in seats
  13. I don't have an issue here. I might have preferred seeing them in two separate matches, but it's no big deal to me to see both feuds/matches thrown into one either. Weren't people complaining about Ziggler versus Langston beforehand anyway? If Ziggler is gonna be stuck in a break up feud with Langston and AJ as it is at this moment, then no harm to me in combining both rivalries into a mixed tag team match.

    As long as this isn't a sign that Ziggler is being paired with Katilyn permanently, then I don't mind them teaming together for just one night. And even though Ziggler will have to share ring time with Katilyn, the match can last a good 10-12 minutes at least and he can still get plenty of time to steal the show, as I don't think he has to worry about Katilyn or AJ overshadowing him in terms of ring work or athleticism.
  14. They've had these two matches on free TV too many times. It's all they could do.

    You can't pay off this storyline by saying "Hey, AJ, take that! I somehow got the upper hand in our little romance by beating that one guy who used to be my bodyguard and now apparently used to be my friend and now just follows you around all creepy and shit. Yeah, AJ! Take that!" Would be okay with it if they wouldn't half-ass the build, haven't seen Raw but I'll bet money that's what happened. It just feels like these two feuds crammed together instead of a payoff for Dolph, which either means this is (hopefully) a waste of time and Dolph goes over, Big E's going to turn, or the feud's going to continue.
  15. I get this butthurt whenever I got to Loudwire.com.
  16. Pretty sure I said this will happen two SmackDown's ago. I'm surprised you're surprised.
  17. OK Lockard, great call. I also called it a long time ago but didn't feel the need to include it nor did it curb my level of butt hurt.
  18. Your thread has come off as if you're shocked. Why didn't you make this rant two weeks ago lol?

    Of course it sucks. It's pathetic that Ziggler is even in this feud right now without a title around his waste, yet ADR is going up against whoever the fuck he's facing for the WHC (RVD is it?).

  19. Two weeks ago it was still in the balance. I knew this match was a possibility, but I was hoping for the best, while obviously expecting the worst. When I read about Layla turning on Kaitlyn that seemed like a way for WWE to NOT do this stupid ass match, so I was reserving judgement. I thought you of all assholes would be proud of me for trying to stay optimistic until finally it has become obvious that we are going to get shit on.
  20. Well, if I knew that, I'd have been overflowing with proud juice. Well done, Dolph.

    Layla's heel turn had to be the most random and pointless thing ever. Kinda' sums up the divas division.
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