I Can't Figure Out for The Life of Me....

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  1. ...wtf Shield is saying in their titantron. Can someone maybe help me? All I can make is "echo" and "delta".

    And this is the only video that has the updated theme. All the other ones are either the very first theme or custom titantrons they made themselves.
  2. They spell out 'Shield' in Nato Phonetic alphabet by the sound of things.
  3. Really? Oh wow... I did NOT even notice that.... Thanks bunches! It had been bothering me all morning, lmao.
  4. Yeah I was trying to figure it out as well, they really need to learn to enunciate lol.
  5. They're the shield... they don't need to enunciate... :willis:
  6. They do, but it isn't Ambrose' fault for their lack of it :tough:
  7. :willis:...

  8. I'm not even sure if it is the three guys saying the words or just some stock voice guys. But yeah they are using Nato/military code. Kinda like Bloodhound gang with Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.

  9. :smug:
  10. Generic theme it sounds. Bleh...
  11. They might still be changing it around. They've had multiple themes so far.
  12. I wish they were given the Ryback theme instead of the one they have.
  13. Actually, if it's not their actual voices, then it would fit their gimmick more. You know how some people use a voice thing to disguise their voice when they want to remain unknown? It's sort of like that, but then again that doesn't really make any sense considering everyone knows who Shield are... *le shrug*
  14. The only word that sounds remotely like it is with one of the threes voices is the final "shield" which sounds like Reigns.
  15. Re: RE: I Can't Figure Out for The Life of Me....

    Or do we :vince:?
  16. I hope its not Johnny Ace :finger:
  17. I don't know anymoooore... :upset:
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