I can't get into Impact when Hardy is champ.

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  1. Just can't do it. Despite how awesome that ME match was, I knew all along Hardy would win and it basically ruined it for me. Fuck off Hardy. Seriously. Can't stand his stupid ass
  2. Preaching to the choir my man. Hardy as champ as well as questionable booking decisions involving aces and eights, the lack of proper mid card divisions, Chavo and them seemingly pulling the plug on Bully as a bad ass tweener has got me super bored of impact.
  3. Daniels taking the strap from him on Impact would be gold.
    Anyways his promo's are shit as usual and he does that shitty twist of fate for some reason.
    I'd be happy with almost everyone but Hardy as champ.
  4. We both know Daniels is jobbing :pity1:

    And yea, like Stop said a lot of lame shit is going on. Why is Team Pinto Beans still the champ over Morgan & Ryan? Why the fuck is RVD X Division champ? WTF is possibly left of this Aces & Eights angle now? (nothing I want to see). Bully, God bless his soul, is being wasted in this Hogan angle.

    The only awesome parts of the show are Roode and Aries. And of course Park.
  5. Dragon Gate USA/Evovle and Dragon Gate Japan has currently replaced TNA as my WWE alternative. That shizz is dope.
  6. Man, why you gotta be so negative about Daniels. But you're right, Hardy is still gonna win.

    They put the belt on him to keep him with the company and I'm pretty sure he resigned.

    #RoodeEra to take over please. Round 2.
  7. Agree, Hardy is at his best doing his spots and taking risks. Would have no problem with him as X-div champ. Think he would excel at ultimate X matches, etc. He is not WC material IMO. I guess Hogan and Bisch think differently though :hogan:
  8. He deserved a run as a transitional champ but not an extended run like it looks like he will get. He is over and people love his matches (for whatever reason) but he just isn't diverse or interesting enough to keep people interested in a long title reign.

    and now that he is the RVD of the main event scene, he is even worse. All of his 1 on 1 matches follow the exact same flow and script, just like his boy RVD in the X Division for years. It's shitty as fuck. I understand why TNA think he should be champ, but it's destroying their product because he just fucking sucks and is boring as hell
  9. They had the perfect out last night too. He could have been double teamed and pinned. Lost the title without looking weak, and they blew it.
  10. I knew they wouldn't end his reign with some BS double teamed by two heels shit. Sadly, the booking in that match goes to show that Hardy won't be losing any time soon. I'll say LD at the earliest, but ::cringes:: Slammiversary seems more likely.
  11. wouldn't surprise me if they had him beat Roode's record.
  12. fuck fuck fuck fuck.
    Don't even talk about that.
  13. I just hate that James Storm isn't the champ. He deserves it so much more than Hardy, and is actually an entertaining face.
  14. I was a neutral for Hardy, but God his reign has turned me into a hater. That mixed with RVD STILL the X-Division champ - never should have been in the first place imo - and team nacho holding the belts for whatever fucking reason is annoying. What is the logical reasoning behind Chavo & Hernandez holding the belts? I can understand why Jeff is champ, I can understand some people's arguments why RVD is champ (though I disagree), but what possible reason is there for CHavo & Hernandez?
  15. Man, he did it for Eddie. #RIP
  16. Don't get me started.
  17. I honestly think TNA promised Chavo a multi-month reign w/ Hernandez if he signed with them. Not sure why they would need to entice him with promises though, you'd think he would have been glad to sign up and job considering his options at that point.
  18. I dunno if they'll let him beat Roode. A WWE guy beating a home grown guy's record wouldn't make sense.

    :hmm: it is TNA though
  19. No one and I mean no one should break Roode's reign.
  20. Hardy won't be Roode's reign lol. He may get close and they'll start talking about it, but then Roode would beat him for the title like the day before he tied his reign or something.

    Roode >>> Hardy, surely TNA knows this.
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