I didn't do this right x.x

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Soooo. I wanted to see how much a million dollars forum cash would cost me. Well, I entered 1,000,000 in the box and when it brought up my PayPal, it said this. (Reminding you I'm half asleep and I'm an idiot anyways) Lol.

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  2. How did that even happen
  3. Soo, did you buy it?
  4. Did you pay it all, or do we have to give you the Webx treatment? :tough:
  5. LOL @Xanth can i borrow $20?
  6. What for
  7. don't forget about the 100k PayPal fee...
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  8. drugs and booze. You're about to be a millionaire, whats $20?
  9. Money that I don't like giving out.
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  10. :okay:
  11. Mhmmm, I totally hit accept and payed a 1-time fee of $100,000 just to pay Crayo $1,000,000 to get a shit ton of forum cash. :finger:
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