I Do / I Don't

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Ask a question that would be answered with "I do." or "I don't"
    The person below you will answer and post a new question.
    Yeah I make a lot of pointless threads but they keep s%$# interesting!

    --Do you play basketball?
    --I do.


    I shall start....

    Do you enjoy winter?
  2. I do.

    Do you like Summer?
  3. I do.
    Do you enjoy shopping?
  4. I do.

    Do you like Fish?
  5. I do.
    Do you enjoy Crayo?
  6. I do.

    Do you Enjoy Britanica?
  7. Might as well rename the Locker Room to Brttanica Room


    Anyway, yes.

    Do you enjoy TNA?
  8. I do.

    Do you like Alberto Del Rio?
  9. I do.

    Do you enjoy reading books?
  10. I do.

    Do you like The Joker from the Batman series?
  11. I don't

    Are you a faggot?
  12. Stop trying to pick up dudes and...
  13. I don't

    Do you hate Britta?
  14. i dont
    Do you know im a sexy beast?
  15. I don't. :notsure:

    Do you think Obama will be re-elected?
  16. I do.

    Did you know Ron Paul is God?
  17. I don't.

    Do you like Pizza?
  18. I do

    Do you know I like pizza?
  19. I do.

    Do you hate NFL?
  20. I do

    Do you love me?
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