I dont get this Ricardo/RVD pairing

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  1. I dont get this Ricardo/RVD pairing it just doesnt seem right is this just a set up for Ricardo turning and going back to Alberto Del RIo?
  2. What?

    - Del Rio attacks Ricardo

    -Ricardo gets revenge and tries to take Del Rio's title

    - Ricardo goes back to Del Rio

  3. I hate BLFFL as much as the next guy, but you're saying RVD, out of all the people for a pairing, makes sense?

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  4. Didn't say it makes sense, It kinda does because RVD has been successful since coming back so he would want to pick the most dominate non busy guy but saying Ricardo will turn again makes no sense.
  5. Michael Cole said it on commentary.

    "Ricardo said that he and RVD are "cool dudes", so it only makes sense to be together"

    The writers are just amusing themselves with pot jokes. :lol1:
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  6. I get the feeling Ricardo is turning on RVD as well. It doesn't make sense (a lot of things in wrestling don't) but it's a feeling I have. It wouldn't be the most illogical thing that's ever happened in WWE. Maybe Ricardo is like an abused girlfriend who keeps running back to the same man, no matter how many times he physically/mentally abuses her, and this is all just one big set up.
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  7. It's been acknowledged before by JBL that ADR was Ricardo's meal ticket so it kind of makes sense for him to turn back using the kayfab logic that he's not under a WWE contract (has this been acknowledged? I've barely watched for a while) but a service contract and Brazzers no longer return his calls.
  8. Can't stop laughing at Klockards sig.
    Anyways, I think everyone thinks that.

  9. I love how things are actually being insinuated heavily these days. RVD weed jokes, and Zeb was ripping into the PTPs for some stereotypical black shit as well. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see some quality racism on Raw.
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  10. I see no reason Ricardo couldn't go out on his own...sure he's a fat tard... but then we had Eugene so...

    I'd be fine with him returning to ADR, though the cat is over in his own right... He has Santino's idiotic charm, he could make it... bullied children win.... I lose... and we'd get another mid-carder who shouldn't touch a main event slot

    It's Virgil/DiBiase re-written, but he's over, good on the stick and has age on his side. Ultimately, he's got more staying power than RVD so it would be a waste when they have zero commonality between them
  11. I bet Ricardo and RVD are sharing the pot backstage
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