I don't remember Zahra, but Seth dumped her

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Seth Rollins is officially back on the market ... 'cause the WWE superstar and his wrestler girlfriend are down for the count.
    Rollins had been dating former WWE wrestler Zahra Schreiber since at least last year -- and stuck by her side after she was fired by WWE in August over anti-Semitic posts on Instagram.

    But according to ProWrestlingSheet.com ... the two "quietly broke up last month" -- and she's already moved out their place.

    So far, no word on why they broke up.

    I know why they broke up...
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  2. Oh now I kinda remember... Didn't she post some swastika stuff on Instagram?
  3. Yeah. That stuff got her fired.
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  4. It is funny how sensitive they have become but to be fair, she seemed like a cray cray lady. lol
  5. Potentially losing sponsors would make them sensitive.
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  6. Touche lol
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