I don't understand why people hate Kelly Kelly.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. inb4 flame war

    I think she's hot, the fans love her, she's good enough in the ring... What's the deal?
  2. Kelly Kelly is not good in ring. She botches a lot and has a poor move set. She is alright in looks, but they slap championships on her and she isn't talented. She gets the same reaction any other diva does with the crowd, and she is lazy when it comes to wrestling. As stated before, she botches a whole lot, even running the ropes is a problem to her. Any other diva on the roster is better, they train more and don't botch as much as her. The only reason she gets so much attention is because of her looks, and because WWE uses her for everything to cover. She is your basic barbie girl, just there for looks.
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  3. Good enough for what? INB4 someone shows her 3 roll up finishers.

    She is overrated, and has more topics here than people who actually are worth discussing. She is mediocre hot compared to most divas, and people like Natty/Beth could wrestle with men and win, make it look more believable than her being a deserving champion.
  4. ^ What Johnson says sums it up perfectly. Looks.. That's it. No talent at all.
  5. I think the most dominant hate is against anyone who tries to defend her wrestling ability. I personally understand why she's the "top diva", she's the most marketable and is by far the most popular AND she is breaking into mainstream life, which Vince loves. Though I will not sit here and call her a good wrestler, she is abysmal in the ring.
  6. Such a fucking boss!
  7. I think you meant to title this "I don't understand why people like Kelly Kelly"
  8. Some people just cant see the talent she has and also how beautiful she is. I think there jealous
  9. [​IMG]
  10. This will sound like a loop a bit but bare with me.

    Kelly is:
    Average in looks - she is good looking but nothing I would scream for if I saw it walking down the street. They have in my opinion more beautiful women on the roster.
    Promo ability - she is abysmal on the microphone. Crayo I believe at least tended to mute certain segments. I mute whatever segment she talks in.
    Ring ability - this is where she is the worst. She is horrible in the ring compared to almost all the other female wrestlers they have on the roster.
    Crowd reaction - People say she is the most over diva but I will have to say no to this. AJ, Kaitlyn, Eve and I even think Natalya get better crowd reactions than Kelly Crowds were dead when she returned.
    marketability - Vince is pushing Kelly because she looks marketable, America whilst a country that claims to embrace people of all looks still have a very conservative view of what is "marketable" or not, at least in some markets (this is true to most western countries as well). But again here Kelly is nothing special. If Vince McMahon wanted he could make Vickie Guerrero the face of the divas with ease, he is that good at marketing when he wants to.

    It all comes down to Vince's personal preference. And sadly he has in my opinion horrible taste.
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  11. Also to add..

    She has some kind of spaz to laugh all the time. I think I haven't seen a clip of her not wearing that same smile.
    She laughs at every-single-thing.
  12. Nothing to add, everyone already stated my opinion.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zugbsdy2Q9Q

    ^^^ I dont see any other diva pulling off that move from the top rope do you??? and that was Kelly Kelly's first time doing that on a PPV match


    ^^^ Another clip of more proof of Kelly Kelly's moves

    You people need to give her alot more credit for what she has achieved in her 6 years in WWE

  14. While on development. :hmm:

  15. Damn that's some serious shit! Is she wearing a mask!? :shock:
  16. Seems like it. Hadn't noticed it, actually.
  17. :hmm: Lita did stuff better then that.
  18. Yeah, Jillian's just the first one that came to mind.
  19. Epic vid, tough woman..

    Evesault is pretty sweet too.. Love how she stretches out and stuff.. (Looking at it in a athletic way)
  20. What stretch?
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