I dreamt of Paris again last night...

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  1. Any place in the world you would like to visit?
  2. Well that was an odd title.
    I'm going to go to Japan, China, Germany, Italy and maybe Paris.
  3. Italy is :boss1:
  4. Not because you are Italian.
    Thank god you don't live there because it would've lost all credibility.
  5. The Middle East :obama:
  6. Tu fai schifo e tutti lo sanno.
  7. Hai usato google translate non è vero?:pity:
  8. Google has a translator!? And I speak some Italian thank you very much! Its mostly swears and insults... Thanks Mom! :pity:
  9. Can you ask your mom if she can teach me Italian?
  10. She would say something along the lines of Cosa c'è di sbagliato con te? LOL And Gesù Madre di Dio! She and my Nana love swearing with Jesus' name.
    Catholics... :pity:
  11. That explains why this girl I knew went to a Catholic school. Anyways, this is bringing back random memories. I'm going to go to sleep now. Later Britta.
  12. Your bedroom. To far?....oh wait..idgaf :pity: :awyeah:
  13. Really want to live in Canada or Spain. I've never been to Canada though, I've been to Spain plenty of times though, being half Spanish and all.
  14. :notsure:
  15. Canada is right across the lake that I live 15min from. LOL
  16. Is it a nice place? I heard the insects are bad there :emoji_slight_frown:.
  17. In my own country: Texas
    Around the world: Israel and maybe Canada. My brother told me Quebec is nice.
  18. In Canada? Never been there. lol I'd imagine its no worse than Ohio. :pity:
  19. oh you can be sure baby :otunga:
  20. Canada is that close to you and you have never been? Wow lol
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