I feel bad for my countryman Wade Barrett

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  1. I feel bad for my countryman Wade Barrett considering hes from the area where I live and to see him getting treated in this way in WWE is disgusting I mean come on Wade gets his beard shaved off WTF has Wade done to piss off Vince to get treated in this way? Wade is so talented and should be main eventing he shouldnt be jobbing like this
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  2. I don't know what Wade's done (or not done) to keep the folks backstage happy. All I can hope for is a good payoff from his current situation, as I think Wade's one of the more talented young guys on the roster and one who will be a main eventer before too long.

  3. Fixed. GrammarNazi82 will feel so proud of me when she reads the quote... :please-54:

    and now, on-topic. I feel the same way you do. Wade is a talented star in my opinion, but Alkaline and myself were discussing about it like two days ago... He said WWE wouldn't put the championship in a British guy, at least not in this era. That's why Barrett won't be maineventing "real" shows.
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  4. Wade Barrett isnt main event material, and him getting his beard shaved off kept him on tv for longer than he would. I like Barrett too, but not interested in seeing him get a huge push. He is fine where he is.
  5. He looks better without the beard anyway. Personally, given how he's been jobbed out and repeatedly treated as irrelevant for the past several months/year and a half, I'm happy he at least got to get involved in a segment with Bryan and Vince in the opening of a Raw and then got a match with Bryan (one half of the Summerslam main event) on Smackdown.
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  6. Wade Barrett has no future, WWE just doesn't give a shit about the guy. I also feel for him, he has decent talent, especially on the mic. Dat look too.
  7. Wait? I just assumed you were American?????? This is great news! Sorry UK! [​IMG]
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  8. wah wah wah lets all cry about WB. These threads are played out. They were only cool when i was making them 6 months ago

  9. Barrett is underused in a big way it sucks. Dunno why, I couldn't tell you. If Sheamus can ME then so can Wade. His gimmick is a complete mess though it needs a major rethink, plus his theme tune keeps changing on a weekly basis or close too which doesn't help. Plus they keep adding to the gimmick but it all kinda contradicts. He was at Oxford yet a bare knuckle fighter? Thats just stupid even if true as they don't mesh. Plus Wade comes across as working class so bugger off the Oxford stuff and make him a working class hero who fought up from bare knuckle boxing to wrestling in crappy pubs and clubs to the big time. Make him the man of the ppl. It can be done.

  10. If you did that, wouldn't he have to be a face? Not saying it wouldn't work as a gimmick (I like it, to be honest), I just think they want to keep him heel and your idea would make him a face.

    Now, if they brought up the idea that, while he was at Oxford, he used to beat up working-class guys who were trying to fight their way out of poverty into the big-time, thus crushing their dreams and keeping them down, now you have a good heel gimmick. You could even have him use big words and ideas (similar to Damien Sandow) in his promos, bringing in more of the "Oxford stereotype". You could have him interfere in the feud between Rhodes and Sandow (on Sandow's side, naturally). This would allow Sandow to go on to the next face (christian, if he's WHC) and setting up what would be a terrific feud between Rhodes and Barrett.

    I'm just spitballing, but my creative juices are flowing.

  11. I wasn't aware that getting your beard shaved off now amounted to "jobbing".
    Also, I'm pretty sure he would have agreed to it beforehand. As for his position, yeah it sucks a little but there are a lot of guys in a similar boat. I'd rather see Kidd get pushed on his return from injury in the next month or two.
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  12. Oh please. You just thought of him because he shaved his beard? That he isn't that "hot" anymore that's why you felt bad for him?

    Forget it.
  13. I agree. Wade can be much more. Very under utilised talent.
  14. Wade should either be in a tag team/stable featuring other people from the UK to make him somewhat relevant so he's not stuck jobbing in the midcard scene for another year. Ignoring Sheamus, as he IS NOT from the UK (yes, Bleacher Report. Ireland is not in the UK)... I'd say Wade should be put with McIntyre in a tag team, or if they want to be very extravagant... make a European stable consisting of Barrett, Cesaro, McIntyre, Marella and Regal.
  15. Sigh... *rips off punctuation keys on keyboard*

    wtf blffl they can easily push him i mean they just made cody relevant after like a year of jobbing they can flip the switch and make barrett a midcarder in five minutes dont get to upset over this yeah it sucks but its not like his career is like the divas division or anything like that
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