I feel like I need anger management

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, May 25, 2014.

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  1. I don't know, I just feel like typing this somewhere... I am always getting so pissed off, especially when I'm playing Xbox... I got off of the First person shooters because they made me rage but Fifa is pissing me off too. It's to the point where if I play any sort of multiplayer game I'm getting pissed off every single time. I feel like I should just sell my Xbox... go outside, hang out with family and friends more often and I wouldn't be so pissed all the time. I don't want to say my anger comes from video games but I can't help to feel that way. I've damaged some furniture and broken too many controllers over video games. They are supposed to be something you do for fun, not something you do and get pissed off at... I guess that's it
  2. Go outside more. Smoke some weed. Get laid.
  3. I say maybe find some friends to game with, It's far more fun with numbers. Other options could be to try games that consist of a little creativity as cliche as it sounds it's fairly easy to get yourself wrapped up in some art within a game.
  4. Always go with your first instinct.
  5. You should try to hang out with friends more often, it does calm some people down. I would suggest also to try playing games that aren't competitive. Fifa and First Person Shooter games are very competitive, because everybody who's playing wants to win(unless some people are helping others get achievements or trolling). Try more casual games instead.
  6. I do, I hang out with people often but then I just find myself getting bored when hanging out with people and start playing and get pissed
    Can you recommend some single player games? I bought Dishonored recently and liked that a lot.
  7. Legend of Zelda games come to mind. Last few single player games, that aren't part of the NES I've played are Ground Zeroes(would only recommend if you're a fan of the series), Minecraft(time consuming and it'll get it's love and hate), Need for Speed: Carbon(old game but fun and easy), Civilization revolution and just a bunch of other Metal Gear games. About 3/4 games I mentioned have online features, but are still fun on your own as well.
  8. The focal point of managing anger is removing or avoiding the thing that makes you rage. In this case the frustration caused by the video games, thus you remove yourself from the situation. limiting your time can be very useful... it doesn't have to be permanent.. vow to yourself that you will only play a certain number of hours per week... say 7 hours a week (1 hour per day).

    We can train ourselves in much the same fashion as an animal.. lessen your exposure to something, grow used to being without it.. and then gradually increase your exposure again over time... but keeping it at a set amount. Eventually your mind will think less of playing video games and will want to do something else... when you play games your mind will know that the game is not a major focus and your frustration levels will go down substantially. Knowing that the game really doesn't matter at all because there are better things to do will make it less important.. thus less taxing on you.

    Hope this helps.
  9. I downloaded a GBA emulator for my iphone I should download some LOZ ones. Minecraft I used to play all the time but it makes my laptop overheat. Need for Speed Carbon was my favorite NFS game of all time, I put so many hours into that on the PS2.
  10. You need to learn that games aren't real life and then you won't get so angry over them.

    I've got annoyed at games manyatime but I've never broke controllers or smashed furniture, cause they're only games.
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  11. Play CIV 5 as Ghandi and nuke everyone, it helps me chill out but the game can be competitive enough that it's fun but not so competitive it eats your soul.
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  12. Can't remember any from the GBA, except maybe Minish Cap and the A Link to the Past remake, which is a good game. Minecraft has one for the Xbox, which is 20 dollars if you ever want to try again, I have a random world. I had both Carbon and Most Wanted as a kid, preferred Most Wanted, but Carbon was fun as well.
  13. I already have Minecraft on the Xbox, I'll see if we can play together. Sorry I deleted you, my friendslist was full and when it's over 75+ people it makes fifa freeze like crazy
  14. Alrighty, well add me anytime. Still the same username
  15. What is it again?
  16. :alone: xNoFriendsxEver

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  17. Yeah, I figured after you removed us from your F/L. :okay:

    I just stopped caring about video games and found a new hobby. Just play games for fun now.
  18. you're just a pussy bro. stop being such a fuck boy
  19. Schmidt is the shit.
    Stopped... caring?? About Video Games? Even epic ones?.. That's a $1 for the douchebag jar buddy.

    Naw I'm just messin, my friend's the same way as the op except he doesn't admit he has an issue. Honestly it's not because he's never been laid, doesn't smoke weed or doesn't hang out with friends a lot of the time because trust me he does. I've never been one to get mad at video games, I love them in they are a great way to take my mind off of other shit in the real world.

    Some Great Single Player Games that aren't competitve are pretty much any Final Fantasy Game or RPG. I'm recently on a kick gotta play FFT, FF7, FF8, FF9 and FFX and beat them before the sSummer is over (will prlly not happen).. also Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross in case I do finish.
  20. Yeah, I don't really even like video games anymore. More better stuff to do, for me personally.
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