Spoiler I feel sorry for the Irish

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jun 29, 2014.

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  1. Just watched Becky Lynch's debut. Holy stereotype Batman.

    Anyone else got any thoughts on this?
  2. The stereotype that they use is stupid.

    I wouldn't be shocked if/when Becky gets to the main roster they try and pass her off as Sheamus' sister.
  3. People are taking this way too seriously if you're actually offended/upset by this gimmick.
  4. I wouldn't put it past WWE to take that idea. Copyright that shit.
  5. Not offended (I'm not Irish) but this is seriously the best gimmick they could come up with?
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  6. I'd rather her just come onto the show already, she's experienced on the independent circuit, and I guess the gimmick is fine for now. Sure, it's stereotypical and basically similar to the idea of Sheamus, but I imagine she'll develop more character over time. Her debut was good and the crowd loved her (not necessarily per the gimmick but still), and the exploder suplex is a nice finisher for NXT. Give her some time to develop her character, and I think the gimmick will either somewhat open up a bit or dissipate and form something new.
  7. Well, I think she needs to dance a little bit less, at least. She could dance down the aisle, but doing it every 5 seconds is not very good. Plus it makes her look quite silly.
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  8. Also, to make another note, they did a similar thing with Rowdy Roddy Piper with the whole bagpipes, Scottish gimmick. Albeit Piper had more of a say in that, results could be similar (aside from Roddy's craziness and instability in his matches and promos)
  9. Just wait till Devitt debuts.
  10. Not bad. Redhead though. Not sure you're into the whole no soul thing.
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  11. even better
  12. [​IMG]
    Not a great one. Real name is rebecca Knox I guess. She's got some decent pics out there pre-NXT as wellw where shes not a redhead.
  13. Hory crow, sucky sucky love me rong time.
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  14. 何?
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  15. I dont speak foreign. English or nothing at all, Merica!
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  16. 読んだ?
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  17. She was better this week.
  18. I cant read table scraps
  19. I can't read British either sorry fella
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