I got and Idea!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Hay Crayo I don't if you would like this or not but I was thinking of you making! A WWE Hall of Framer Branner Level it just an idea though. Like for Superstar you have to paid like $7.91 US Dollars to Upgrade and then $12.00 US Dollars Upgrade from a Memeber right to Legend and if you already are a Superstar you can Upgrade to a Legend $7.00 US Dollars. But for this Level weel it up to you but I would have it were only poeple that are Upgrade to Legend can become on the Hall of Frame Level and it would be privde to upgrade and it would be like $15.00 US Dollars to Upgrade! I don't know what you would give to make then better then Legend but i should you can fegernt that out yourslef maybe a new Award made for the Hall of Framer. And a new Branner would would be Yellow as Hall of Frame color are yellow! Tell me what you think Crayo good idea or bad idea?
  2. I was going to add a hall of famer group eventually but it wouldn't be an upgrade group, it'd be free of charge and given to those who deserve it. Not yet though. Weird, I was only thinking about this an hour or so ago, lol.
  3. I can up with it 1 day ago. But just did not post my idea up until today.
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