I Got banned from WrestlingDisclosure.com

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Trevor0402, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. I got banned because it all started when i saw a titantron video that was not available on YouTube and it was called Kurrgan 1st Titantron Remake (Liturgical Rites) i clicked the play button and it did not play because it had multiple third party notifications and then i figured if i asked AJ to send it to me. when i asked AJ said, "I will redo it since i have become a better editor" then i waited a few days and asked him when are you going to make it? and he said, "2017" and i laughed a little and said 2017? i hope you make it tomorrow and he said, "Hope."
    i waited another few days and then i started to meet these mean people and they said Trevor needs to be banned and other mean crap and then i made forums about when i am going to get Kurrgan's Titantron and then people say they have it and i asked them can you send it to me. and then all i had to do was to make an apology forum about me stalking AJ for a Kurrgan titantron and saying how superior Mayor West is and i had to call myself a huge annoyance. i had to do that so i can get the Kurrgan titantron video. Mayor West said that he would PM me with a link to the Titantron Video. I waited for a couple of minutes and thought maybe Mayor West tricked me
    and he did. AJ told me that he only had a picture of the Titantron but not the video. so i got a little angry so i went to bed and went to sleep. Then i woke up at 5:00 AM and went on my computer to see if Mayor West sent me the Titantron and i tried to look in my Inbox and it appeared that i got banned from the board and i thought, "Why did i get banned for?" and then i logged in to my other account TheBeastIncarnate1984. I made forums about Kurrgan again and then people where being dumb sending me gross stuff and other things after that my other account got banned and now i am not able to go to that site again. :emoji_slight_frown:
    and i got only a picture of the Kurrgan Tron AJ made and here it is. its sad that everybody in the forum thinks i
    am a troll so now i can't get the Kurrgan Tron and i am a huge fan of Kurrgan because I liked how he ripped a football helmet in half with his bare hands and i also like his finisher The Paralyzer.
  2. Perhaps AJ and Mayor West are trolls trying to make you a troll.
    I wouldn't bother going to wrestlingdisclosure.com
  3. This is my edit
  4. Sorry to hear that. There's a cool group of people here that I'm sure wouldn't bother you like that, so stick around here and you might like it better.
  5. Plus we have better software, That site has shit software. :obama:
  6. Can any of you make a Kurrgan Titantron Remake? :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. and do any of you know PSPSDVRUniverseV9?
  8. just nipped on their site "LOOKS SHIT"
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  9. Yeah their site is shit! you can't register anymore and the people there are assholes.
  10. this site you can get on with everyone
  11. Can any of you make a Kurrgan Titantron Remake? :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. a Kurrgan Titantron Remake.
  13. I could, but I'm lazy and busy
  14. I'm not talented enough to do that, unfortunately.

    Welcome to this forum though.
  15. Moved this to Locker Room btw.
  16. I took a look at the website and saw the Thread on you...Those guys were being assholes to you..
    Especially that Mayor West Idiot.
  17. yeah i know hey guess what i got!

    I got this from AJ