I Gotta Give Devil His Credit

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  1. Please, please..... No wagering. I still don't like them nor I ever will. They're still an average team that is horrible on mic. I'm just saying they've kinda grown on me over the last 2 months, they're not horrible anymore.

    Of course, I'm speaking of the new TNA Tag Team Champions, Hernandez and & Le Cheap Pop. I don't wanna see them as the tag team, especially the tag team champions, but what can you do now.

    The main reason that they kinda grown on me is Hernandez. He is actually decent now, dressed like a wrestler and does what he should, be a bull-like hot tag that does exciting moves and dives, and gives a suplex here and there. He doesn't longer do any dangerous stuff, finally, and kudos for that. Chavo, eh... He's still the same Swagger Eagle.

    These two impressed me by their performance at Lockdown. They outshined both Aries & Roode and Daniels & Kazarian, and that speaks volumes (even if they were in Texas). Yes, I really feel that way, that match was dope because of what Shawn & Chavo did in it.

    Anyway, they're much better in ring and have much more chemistry now, than they had 3 months, and I give them credit for that. They still suck balls on mic and Chavo still goes after cheap pops every week, but they improved (especially Hernandez) and the crowds actually greet them for it.

    And in the end, it really seems that Aries, Roode, Daniels and Kaz can make a chicken salad out of chicken shit after all from everybody they feud with.
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  2. Gotta agree. Chavo's an alright worker, really good compared with many of the other ex-WWE guys running around here. Take him over idiots like RVD any day of the week (but maybe he just hasn't been as exposed in this tag role). Hernandez hasn't seemed nearly as dangerous in this role (outside of botching a powerbomb on Joey Ryan and damn near breaking his neck) and he's playing his role very well. Thank you TNA for getting rid of that damn towel move.

    And as you said at the beginning, "playing his role well" and "alright worker" simply isn't good enough when you're feuding with Dirty Heels, Bad Influence, or Morgan and the Organ. They're just coming off as completely sub-par by comparison in every feud they're in. Maybe if they weren't thrown together for no (kayfabe) reason, if they had some sort of characters, if Chavo had something to say other than "I'm a Guerrero baby!", they could do a better job.
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  3. I think that that's the main problem with Chavo. Yes it's nice he's related to Eddie, and good for him, but it just seems like that's what his character is. An extension chord, that's all the way to Eddie's grave. There's no originality in Chavo's character, his character is basically the cousin of Eddie, and that's just pitiful. They need to give Chavo something different. Make him a different character, give him something of his own, just anything besides being Eddie's cousin. I'm sure he could work a good character off well, it doesn't even need to be good, it just needs to be decent. All Chavo really needs to do is break away from Eddie and start making his own legacy. It feels as if his character isn't letting go of the past, and that's just a problem that needs to be solved.
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  4. I think the main problem is who they work with. When you're against the WTTCOTW or the Wet Dream Team, you may work decently but you're not going to look so good in comparison.
  5. I wonder now if they go feuding against the Aces & Eights members (DOC & Knux or Garett & Wes) for the titles, how will they come across? None of the A n 8's are neither Aries, Roode, Daniels or Kazmania.
  6. Also, that may be the very reason they won the titles from Roode and Aries, to transition them into Aces and Eights.
  7. True, this might just be a transitional reign for Taco Bells. I believe TNA will have Bully the World Champion, Devon the Television Champion, DOC & Knux the Tag Team Champions and Wes Brisco the X Division Champion, to kinda complete the takeover of TNA as a whole, but that's just a guess.
  8. Yeah, than Baby Bisch gets the KOs title and we're done.
  9. D'Lo will hold the KO Title, Garett & Taz will hold KO Tag Titles. :ryan:
  10. :lol1: That'd be pretty nice.

    But on another point I think they've dropped the KO tag titles haven' they? Didn't see EY or ODB holding them recently.
  11. Bring back Kerwin White and make Hernandez his caddy. :russo:
  12. I think they did drop 'em. The straps are still there on Impactwrestling.com roster page, but the world's been giving more fuck about Iraq kids then those belts these days.
  13. I agree Test. They aren't terrible to watch in the ring. I don't like Chavo and hate seeing them go over in matches, but they could be worse.
  14. I'm far too stubborn to give any credit to that lifeless Chavo Guerrero, and I still cross my fingers any time Hernandez works with any wrestler I enjoy, but their matches have been rather consistent lately. Yeah, I still say fuck this team and fuck TNA for having faith with them.
  15. I still say that exact sentence too, but they're decent in recent months and I cut them some slack for it.

  16. lol Chavo's voice.
  17. I don't wanna listen to that, gawd no. He is the most horrible man on mike.
  18. Chavo vs Taz. Promo battle. Book it, Tna.
  19. T "Bulletproof" az strongest line: "I say it with a straight face wearing sunglasses at night indoors."

    Chavo "Gayable Fuck" Guerrero: "Don't you know I'm a Guerrero son?"

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