I had a dream about Cena...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. And it was weird.

    So I was watching wrestling, I am not sure if it was a PPV or Raw, and Cena's arms were all messed up. They were less than half the size and all lumpy. When he got in the ring he didn't take his shirt off like he was trying to hide it. And I think he was going after Cody Rhodes. I have no idea what that was about but it was bad. All the fans were freaking out. I was sick to my stomach. They were that bad.

    I don't know what causes me to have weird dreams like this but lol brain thanks.
  2. :willis:
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  3. Mark.
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  4. lol dreamt about Cena.
    Still waiting on my dream with Sasha.
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  5. wet dream am i rite
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  7. wow. i hate this new gifv bs
  8. LOL, that's weird.
  9. Yeah idk what that was about. lol
  10. We've all dreamt about Cena... and Nikki
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  11. Who dreams about Superstars or Divas?

    Usually if that happens, you have some psychological issues.
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  12. Yeah because only "sane" people can control what they dream about :smirk2:
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  13. Well when I was younger I had a dream of having a ladder match with a T-Rex skeleton on top of a 40 foot bed and I fell off the bed onto a pair of huge slippers, what's the problem?
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  14. Well, in that case, good for you for being a perfect human being.
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  15. This sounds like something from Chikara.

    You're like the king of shit posts, keep on going.

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  16. I had a dream I married Eric Draven.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. You didn't dream about any particular superstar or diva... so there's no problem.
  19. I had a dream about this troll on a forum once... oh... wait... :jeritroll:
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  20. I had a messed up nightmare; a friend and I were stuck in this hillbilly like place, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque and people started dying and I caught The Big Bossman attempting to murder my friend and I had to beat him to death with his nightstick, I woke up with me shouting **** I just killed Big Bubba Rogers! It was disturbing... :confused2:
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