I had a dream about Stephanie McMahon

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. It wasn't an erotic dream, so sorry for those who expected it.

    It was mainly a dream of me meeting her, getting a chance to come to the McMahon family house. She was very kind, friendly, and shy a bit. For the first time, I was so happy with my dreams.

    We all have dreams that we want to come true, but sometimes dreaming about it in your sleep is also a success. I've been dreaming about meeting Stephanie since I was 16 years old. And I am positive that my dream showed how she really is: a shy, humble and friendly human being. Sure, she played a bitch on TV, but that doesn't mean she's not friendly, and humble. We talked in my dream and she told me about how wrestling works, and how it is to be a McMahon.

    To me this dream is an achievement of a long time goal. Sometimes, a dream is better than reality...
  2. You are going to shoot up a house show wearing a corporate t shirt.
  3. Next time you reply without reading the context, don't reply at all...
  4. Was HHH there?!
  5. I once had a Boogeyman related nightmare.
    He was chasing me through and empty WWE arena.
    Creepy shit.
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  6. I dreamt I body slammed Hulk at one point, he no sold if I remember rightly.
  7. I once dreamt that I became a big wrestling star in Japan. Then Vince McMahon showed up and told me I didn't count :sad:
  8. Was he strutting?
  9. I've had several wet dreams involving Steph :datass:
  10. ultimo dragon is that you?
  11. So your dream was erotic
  12. They called me Jushin.
  13. That's name will provoke thunderous ovations.
  14. And I rode in on a liger. Napoleon Dynamite would be proud.
  15. What a brain busting idea.
  16. You lost me at wasn't an erotic dream
  17. I once pinned seabs on his bed using my finishing move "Releaso Cumdimento" -- name of move inspired by Harry Potter.
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  18. COOL I Ones dream that me Trish S. did some thing that I can't said here. Back in 2004. So dream are very good.
  19. Same but with taker ...


  20. Oh, thank god.
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