I hate Earl Hebner.

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  1. I'm waiting for hate, but I actually hate his character in TNA. Bring it on.
  2. I hate Earl Hebner all together.
  3. Look at my signature for one reason why I dislike him.

    Although I don't really care for him.
  4. Tis' why I got the idea of this thread. Your signature reminded me of my hatred for him.
  5. Sorry all I see is Natalya's cleavage :gusta:
  7. What hate? Everyone hates his stinkin guts. One of the worst refs EVER (and forget the character thing), but he really is. He bumbs into the wrestlers randomly during the matches if you notice, falls over their legs, stays in way a lotta times... Christ. Such an old douchebag. And don't even let me go on his son Brian. He's even worst.:dawg:

    The only fair refs in TNA are Brian Stiffler and Tits Terrell.
  8. Token Black ref > Hebner
  9. Oh, for some reason I thought he was some worshipped TNA god, the Jericho of referees lmao.

    Quite pleased others share my disdain for him.
  10. I didn't know it but Hebner is older than Hogan. :lol1:
  11. earl should come back to wwe if vince let him and then he will retire in wwe and go into the HOF!
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