I hate Facebook

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  1. I had a Facebook account back in, ehh 2009. I kept it for about 8 or so months and stopped using it. I ended up deleting everything off it and deactivating it. Haven't used it since.
    Now what puzzles me is that an email I haven't used in a long time is linked to a Facebook page that is under my name... I use this email every once in awhile to sign up for crap I don't care about and on the one site it said it was in use.
    I decided to investigate. I reset my password (because I forgot it lolol) and went into my inbox. not only did I see random spam returns from crazy places, but an actual Twitter and Facebook account registered to this email address. I tried to log onto the Facebook page but got locked out and the Twitter link would not work.

    When the hell did Facebook start demanding State ID's if you couldn't provide a phone number? The hell is that about? I am glad I stopped using that crap when I did. #GovernmentControl #NWO lol

    I truly do hate Facebook. Anyone else?
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  2. lol Facebook has been irrelevant for the past two years
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  3. You sound like my 13 year old sister. "OMG facebook is for parents, on to instagram!"

    for the record I never fucked with Facebook. I'm the best.
  4. How many pictures with cleavage.
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  5. I wish I hadn't. That place is horrific. Now they need State ID's? gtfo I just wanted to deactivate that fake page. Screw it now. The email hacker can have it.
  6. When I had a facebook? ZERO
    I'm not that typa gal Aidsy Boy
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  7. Only thing I use FB for nowadays is to play Marvel Avengers: Alliance (yes I'm addicted- shut up) and to post a random picture every once in a while. Oh and to vent about stupid people with an occasional post. So I still use it, just not very often.
  8. You are a user in denial... DENIAL!! :angry: :why:
    I think Parents need to teach their kids how to use protection on Facebook now a days. lolol
  9. The good news is there is still time to change.
  10. :pity:
  11. :hogan:
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. it's true though, all that kids with yolo and swag are on twitter and instagram
  15. I tried instagram. The name was misleading. There was no way to get a gram instantly! False advertising!
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  16. I still don't know what that place is. LOL Is that bad? What is it?
  17. Far as I know its kind of like Facebook, but more geared towards just images and not all the extra crap
  18. Do we have any users under the age of 15 here?

    'tis the only way to find out what the instgram is all about.
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  19. :hmm:

    NOT INTERESTED! :kitler:

    I has a twitter to share pictures and stuff. I am good on other social networks. If I want to post random gifs and pictures and talk about how bad my day was, I come on here to annoy all you guys! :yay:
  20. :urm: I'm not under the age of 15, but...

    It's like Trip said. It's just Facebook, without statuses and annoying game invites
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