I hate how WWE has NOTHING for Christian

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Aug 22, 2013.

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    inb4 Dat Kid says he's nothing special

    Ever since he lost his World Title, he hasn't been really been doing anything other than getting injured. Like fuck, he has talent, we've all seen it, from the dope mic work, to his above average ring skills and yet WWE decides to give him no character. He's just there and the way they use him is they show his past accomplishments rather than creating something more memorable. When he returned to ECW in 2009, he did fairly well, I wouldn't say his BEST work, but he did very well.

    Christian and Punk Segment (open)

    After his ECW stint, he did some random shit in 2010 and in 2011 is where he finally caught a break and won his first World Heavyweight Championship. Again, at that year, he did well, but I wouldn't say it was his BEST work, but I'd put it below his ECW stint.

    Christian and Triple H - 9:50 mark (open)

    Now his BEST work IMO, was during 2004/2005. He was red hot, he was entertaining, the crowd wanted him as champion, he wanted to be champion, but... the WWE didn't. They thought he was only good as a upper mid-card. Which is why I never understand why they don't utilize him properly. He currently has no fucking character and back then, he had so much.

    Christian Moments (open)

    Also here is him explaining his frustrations with WWE. Around the 6:50 mark.

    Christian Documentary (open)
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  2. I've just accepted they'll never really invest in him, in an ideal world he'd have been a surprise member of the MEM. His TNA run > most of his WWE one.
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  3. I swear if and it looks likely he never wins the WWE title it'll be a massive balls up and one of the biggest mistakes WWE ever make.
  4. I don't want him to be in the WWE title picture currently, maybe World Heavyweight Champion. I just want them to add some character to him.
    He has NO character at all!
  5. I don't know. I'd put it above his WWE 2009 - Onwards run.
  6. Ill be honest, he should be bigger..or at the least putting over young talent. I always hated his finisher, but that is 5% of the match. Christian is dope but far past his prime, and could do well with a cocky star standing in his corner and (ocasionally) wrestling. He is one of my all time favorites, but id rather see a small package finisher than the killswitch. Im sure it isn't a popular opinion.
  7. Come back home, Christian.

    Bobby Rooooo is waiting for you.
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  8. To be honest, I would think it would be better if he went back to Impact Wrestling. At least there he made a name for himself, even if he is a WWE talent that'll jump the ship, they use him better over there and is a great talent to have.

    I think he should be in the World Heavyweight title scene, he is great in ring. He can be given a douche bag character too, I liked what he did with Orton when he had the lawyers and stuff. It was humorous.
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  9. Got ninja'd :haha:
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  10. TNA! TNA! TNA!
  11. I also do enjoy tits and ass
  12. like this ? [​IMG]her ass is too good...
  13. A wasted talent, but a slightly overrated talent.
  14. I think the former sort of leads to the latter.
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  15. Overrated because he's underrated.
  16. No, just overrated.
  17. I'd much rather see him apart of TNA again,although, I doubt that would happen.
  18. I sometimes just hate you. :mad1:
  19. \_/
  20. Fixed because you cared enough to respond.
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