I hate people...

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  1. seriously,

    Like when you go grocery shopping and they ask you if you have their "card" so I can get discounts and save like 10 cents on paper towels. They can eat my shit. I get they have to do it... But I just hate people today.

    Please tell stories of how you hate people and how instances just frustrate you.
  2. I hate how wrestling fans are in denial . This was a fair reflection of the type of fans wrestling attracts. Nothing wrong with it

  3. Wtf does this have to do with my thread?
  4. I hate people in general. I like to think of myself as a super human, people disgust me.
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  5. The urge to smash heavy objects into the faces of many people is always there for me.
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  6. I hate people who hate people who hate people.
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  7. I love pacpeople
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  8. U don't say things...
  9. Exxxxxxaftly I wanted to smash her head off the register
  10. Right we are just better
  11. Pac-Man is the best in the world.
  12. I love all my children.
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  13. What a pimp
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  14. I am a very impatient person when it comes to people walking slow in shops on purpose, Having a good catch up while taking the whole aisle up. And get extremely annoyed when you are walking on the path and the people walking towards you don't attempt to let you pass.
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  15. I trip those people...
  16. Welcome to the club
  17. I'll welcome ur club
  18. you said you wanted examples of hating people

    why do lads live in denial. we are all nerds, at the end of the day
  19. Lol oh got it bro.

    I'm not in denial. I always tell chicks that
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  20. That's why i tend to use the self checkout machine. The robot voice gives me an option to use my card or not and doesn't give me any sass.

    Robots shall take over!
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