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  1. The audience were having a lovely Pre-Show, until Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva blasted throughout the arena, completely ruining their day.

    Andersen Vega walks from behind the LED board and onto the stage with his WWEF Iron Man Championship around his waist. The crowd obviously aren't happy to see him and they don't mind sharing their dismay by giving Vega every ounce of their hatred by booing furiously. In Vega's right hand is a baseball bat, the exact bat that he used to take out Alice Xander and Jack Rogue, ending the former's career and really pissing the latter off. Good old Andy walks down the ramp ever so slowly, waving the bat around in his right hand while talking trash at members of the audience. He gets to ringside, slowly walks up the steps and enters the ring. He signals for a microphone and the ring announcer tosses one at him, Vega catches it and begins to speak.

    Vega: No, no, no... You get your ass back in this ring, you take this microphone, you leave the ring and we'll try this again! You don't just throw a microphone at me! I'm the Iron Man champion! I'm the best wrestler in this damn company and you will treat me as such!... Now, come on boy!

    The ring announcer, not wanting to be beaten like a human pinata, gets into the ring and is given the microphone by Vega. He then leaves the ring and awaits Vega's signal. Vega is seemingly enjoying this, as he waits and waits, dragging this out for thirty seconds before allowing the ring announcer to enter the ring. The ring announcer re-enters the ring and hands the microphone over to Andersen Vega, who snatches it from his hand.

    Vega: Good boy! Now get your ass outta my ring before I end another career with this bat!

    The ring announcer doesn't take any time to think about this, pretty much bolting out of the ring and out of harms way. With the audience trying to boo, Vega just shouts over them.

    Vega: Now! Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight will be an historic night in WWEF! We have one of the best cards in both WWEF and TWF history at Precision's third ever PPV, Fully Loaded. But, by far the most memorable moment will be the PPV debut of the reigning WWEF Iron Man Champion!... Andersen Vega! And I will take on a guy that looks like Family Guy character Mort Goldman's long lost brother... Jack Rogue.

    Two images appears on the Titantron, one of Jack Rogue, and the other of Mort Goldman.
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    Or Chuckie off of Rugrat... Whatever tickles your fancy.

    This complete mockery and lack of respect for Jack Rogue doesn't sit well with the audience.

    Vega: All joking aside, I don't expect this to be an easy contest. Jack Rogue ain't no slouch, I'll admit that. In fact, I'll go on record to say that Jack has the ability to be the next Andersen Vega! But he has one flaw... You... He fights not for himself, but for you. He bleeds, he sweats and he digs down deep to impress you. To earn your respect and quite frankly that's the one reason why he has no chance in hell of beating me tonight! Because I hate you people. And every time I hit Jack, I'm hitting you. Every Suplex, every kick, every punch and every DDT is intended to hurt you people! Every time I hook those arms and I drive Jack's ugly face into the ground, I'm punishing you! And I enjoy punishing you! You think I carry this bat around like a badge of honour because I'm proud to have ended Alice Xander's career?... Nah, that wasn't no accomplishment because Alice Xander wasn't important. He wasn't a superstar and he damn sure weren't no wrestler! I carry this around because it reminds you of what I did to him and because it upsets you! It pisses you off and I love pissing you people off!

    Vega: You people are the reason why Jack won't win tonight. You people are the reason why Jack will never accomplish anything in his miserable career. You're holding Jack Rogue back just like you held me back. But the sad truth is, you don't cheer him because he doesn't quit. You don't cheer him because he's poured his life into this business to entertain you. Nah, you cheer him becau...

    Before Vega could finish, the music of Jack Rogue blasts throughout the arena, sending the audience into a frenzy of admiration towards WWEF's most beloved star.

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  2. *Jack Rogue, dressed as usual in his ring gear and black T-Shirt with "ROGUE" across it in disjointed red lettering, appears from behind the LED board, microphone in hand. He walks quickly onto the stage waving his finger from side to side and continues down the ramp as his music fades*

    Jack: No no no no no no no no no. Do you know who I am? Do you remember me, Andersen? Do you really, really think I'm going to allow you to say things like that about these people? Not while I'm fighting for them, not while I'm in this building, and not while there's breath in my body!

    *Now reaching the bottom of the ramp, Rogue pauses to roll under the bottom rope into the ring as the crowd cheer. Vega backs up slightly from his position in the centre of the ring but holds Jack's gaze, his expression slightly amused. Meanwhile, Rogue's face is without humour as he marches to within inches of his rival before near-whispering into his microphone*

    Jack: Andersen, you've come out here and hidden vicious desecration behind a veil of wry comedy. You can compare me to cartoon characters all you want - I dealt with more creative at school - but when you callously toy with an honest member of Precision staff and debase the people that provide the livelihoods of everyone else in this building, never mind sign your cheque, we're going to have a problem. That little humiliation of that timekeeper that so amused you about sums up the person you've become since your return, Andersen. Oh, sure, you've enjoyed a good joke since I met you, since the world first saw you and probably since you've existed. But there's a difference between dumping a bucket of faeces on a tyrannical GM from the rafters, and taking out your insecurities on someone just trying to make a career in the business because you need someone to congratulate you in some way on THIS.

    *Jack slaps his hand against the plate of Andersen's newly won Iron Man Championship, and a mocking smile fills his face as Vega annoyedly pulls his shoulder from Rogue's reach. Jack slowly forms his now empty hand into an accusatory point at Andersen*

    Jack: Because you've been left so insecure by the fact that you don't have these people to validate your accomplishments anymore - and hell, I sure doubt that little brother phoned to congratulate you on your new title - that doubt is slowly, steadily, crawling in. Getting at you. Eating away. Devouring the last scraps of your fortitude and leaving you even more of a shadow of a man than you have been since your return. And for some reason, you think bullying an innocent employee and claiming that you hate everybody here to convince yourself more than anyone else, is the answer to these problems. Cut the crap, Andersen! After everything you've done, there's still a man inside there. An Andersen with dignity and civility, a good person. Drop this childish act, man!

    *Rogue continues to stare into Vega's eyes as he shakes his head and laughs at Jack*

    Jack: Then again... maybe not. Because when it gets to a point that a champion wrestler is apparently not even focused on his opponent, it begins to become evident that all his honour is gone. Tonight, Andersen, if I can't have my friend back I will destroy the vile creature that has replaced him. But unlike you, I know I don't have to break your neck and cause pain to anyone that somehow can still bring themselves to love you to do that. All I have to do is take away your validation... and that consists of your claimed superiority and surpassing of me, and the Precision Iron Man Championship. So tonight Andersen, I will beat you, and I will take what these people have wanted for me for the first time in my career - championship gold. But before that, I will kick your head...

    *Jack leans forward towards his foe and whispers menacingly*

    Jack: ...clean, off your shoulders.

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  3. Andersen Vega, with a cheeky smirk plastered on his face, looks down at the ground while lightly applauding Jack Rogue's fighting spirit with the audience doing the same.

    Vega: Hmhm, ya know, for someone who claims to be a good person you don't mind getting violent to ya? I mean, threatening to kick someone's head...

    Vega pauses for an extended period of time before leaning towards Jack and whispering...

    Vega: Clean off your shoulders? It's not really becoming of such a lovely person such as yourself. I'd understand if you had just said it to me because even I'll admit that I probably deserve it, but you say it to everyone! And some of them are really nice people!... And it's sad that that's the one thing that I truly like about you Jack. You've got balls. With ginger...

    Vega shivers at the thought of Jack's ginger pubes.

    Vega: Anyway... You claim that the person, your friend has left me and was replaced by a "Vile creature" since I've returned and yet I've felt this way since I left TWF. Why can't you get it through your thick skull that if you were my friend then you should've tried to help me when I was going though that shit? I was emotionally in the gutter and I had to sit around for months listening to my own fucking brother take shots at me!... And you! My supposed friend, didn't bother to even pick up the phone and call? Jack you think that we were such good friends and I believed that when I was in TWF, but when I left it meant nothing to you. You couldn't have given two shits on what I was going through and quite frankly that makes you a worse person than me because I know what I've done and I know that I'm not a nice person but you actually believe your this can do no wrong hero and that's pathetic Jack. You're pathetic and these people are mindless idiots for cheering you because as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted... These people cheer you because you're exactly like them Jack and it has taken me a long time to admit this but so was I. I was, like you, like them... A loser. But that's changed... I've changed. You haven't and these people haven't either. I won't lose Jack because I'm incapable of it. My weakness, these people, are gone. I don't fight for them anymore. I'm not going against the bad guy authority figures for them anymore. I'm no longer their hero... I'm mine! I fight for me! And later tonight, I will make you what you were born to be... And that is the little bitch, beaten at my feet!

  4. *Suddenly, a ferocious expression forms on Rogue's face as he leans in too*

    Jack: This is pro wrestling, Andersen! Boots to jaws is a thing that happens a hundred times a night, and you know that as well as I do. At least I give all fair warning and kick people to - as well as in - their face. And don't you dare lie to these people - hell, scratch that - you can spread your lies all you want, maybe one day you'll convince yourself. But it's your word against mine, and I think we all know who these people believe...

    *A loud pop fills the arena to Vega's chagrin*

    Jack: ...and rightly so. Because I called you a week after you left and you told me you were healing up just fine. And what's more, you told me to focus on my career, to do you proud. Oh, yeah, I didn't win a lot, but I became the apple of these people's eye and I fought my heart out and I knew that the real you would be happy for me. Then some people backstage said you'd healed fully, and there were rumours that you'd come unhinged, so I called you again - and couldn't get you. And what's more, I stood up to Anthony Black and his like when they bad-mouthed you, and I upheld and stood up for the values we both fought for. So don't you dare insinuate that I abandoned you because I could never do that.

    Jack: I'm not perfect, Andersen and I never have been, I've done bad things before and I've made mistakes that I will always regret - but then, no-one is perfect. I try my damnedest to stand by my values that I've had from day one, and if that makes me some hero in these people's eyes then it's my privilege to fill that role for them. And I don't know how you've felt, you didn't pick up the phone, after all, but I can't see how the support of these people could ever be a burden, because their backing has been my salvation. So, for that reason, when you say that these people are worthless, and that I, as their chosen championn will lie broken before someone that hates them, you light a fire under me. I cannot let that happen, and that's why you'll have to half kill me if you want to keep that championship tonight. Your short-lived reign is in jeopardy like it never has been, and may never be again. And I've promised before that I will defend the people who pay to come out here and watch Precision from the performers that insult them. Tonight is when I fulfil that promise.

    *Rogue throws the mic to the canvas to a roar from the crowd. He beckons Vega towards him, looking for a fight. Andersen doesn't appear to be interested, though, as he tips his head back and laughs, before turning around to exit the ring. Suddenly, Vega spins and throws a right hand at Rogue, but Jack catches it and fires back with one of his own, dropping Andersen to a knee. Vega, though, spins to his feet and clatters Rogue with a clothesline, who falls onto the canvas to the audience's frustration. Andersen laughs once more and picks Rogue up by his ears, shouting inaudibly to him before placing his head between his legs. Vega signals cockily for the Pedigree, but Jack suddenly slips underneath him, before springing up into a neckbreaker. As the crowd's cheering reaches frenzied levels, with Andersen staggering to his feet in the centre of the ring, Rogue skips to in front of him, turns to his side, and nails him with a superkick*

    *Vega falls on the back of his neck as the roar of the people fills the arena. Rogue climbs onto the middle turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans,then looks down onto his still fallen opponent for later that night. Jack then notices the Iron Man Championship, face down on the mat across the ring. He climbs down from the ropes and walks around the still prone Andersen, smiles, then slowly picks up the belt. He grins widely as he looks into the adoring crowd, before holding it by one strap and hoisting it high above his head. Vega is now beginning to come to, and Jack holds his championship at arm's length towards him until he notices. Startled, and still clutching his jaw, Andersen rips the championship from the grip of his #1 contender, who smiles again before rolling under the bottom rope out of the ring. He walks backwards up the ramp towards the backstage area as his music hits again, motioning a belt around his waist with his palms as the show cuts to commercial*

    -End of segment-

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