I have a dumb question

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Victoria Justice, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. is tna apart of wwe i feel really dumb for asking but i have to
  2. No, separate entities

  3. Yes and Hornswoggle is also Vince's child.
  4. If the flair at HOF and the latest Christian appearing at slammi is confusing. I think it is just they had an agreement for that to happen

  5. Completely different federation. In fact, TNA is currently suing WWE, lol.

    Lots of WWE superstars have hopped over to TNA over the years though. Some TNA stars have hopped to WWE.
  6. its the WWE retirement home
  7. Why is TNA suing WWE? Last I heard they were on good terms?
  8. Something involving a dumbass who was working for TNA, was fired and then hired by WWE. Seems like he revealed informations about TNA contracts that he learned while he was there, and then WWE fired him and informed TNA three weeks later. TNA got pissed off and sued WWE.
  9. This pretty much.
  10. Oh I see, Pretty stupid reason. I see Vince destroying TNA in the next few years because of this....
  11. I don't think this lawsuit is going to do anything big, I also think WWE is winning it. Not sure though, not the best guy when we're talking about law. :dawg:
  12. TNA imo don't stand a chance in winning. Let's just hope they don't lose too much money.
  13. I think tna has some great superstars over wwe they have the best diva ever micky james i miss her on wwe
  14. You're right. It's dumb dumb. :burns:
  15. Honestly if TNA needs more money they need to change things.

    Get rid of Hogan, Flair and all the others that don't even wrestle and get bigger pay checks then everyone there. Try get out there more and get themselves known a lot more.

    Don't file a fucking lawsuit where there's a 50/50 chance of you winning and if you lose you just lost a fucking shit load of cash. Seriously TNA is fucking stupid sometimes.
  16. :dawg: [​IMG] :dawg:
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