I have a lot of thing I half to get of my chase!

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  1. Before I leavre and delete all info of me off my acount and leavre, I have a lot of thing I half to get of my chase!

    I don't hate this Web Site I don't even, delike I do I like more think I like most Webv Site I going on, I hate this Idea that Crayo is the best and can bully people! When He not I am the BEST! I the BEST IN THE WORLD, I AM THE BEST FORUMER/SHOOT IN THE WORLD!There 1 thing your better at then I am at and that KISSING this SITE ASS! Ur as good at kiss ass. Big Hoss Ramler is the best! I don't know if ur as good Xanth he a Pretty good ASS KISSER! Alway was an still is uho I Breaking the 4 wall! I AM THE BEST FORUMER/SHOOT IN THE WORLD! I been the best Ever since DAY 1 when I sign up on this WF Site and have been Villanfiy and Hate for ever since! B/c Jeekcek seen somethnig in me that no one want to amenent that right I am a Jeekcek guy and he spil just like I spil but bigest different if i leavreing with me being me! I grave some many of Crayo ingamely Basse Ring that it just dong me and it all that complete ingamely! The only thing that is REAL is me and for almost 4 years now I have post it on Youtube on this Site even on Tout no body can touch me! And yet know mate how many time i prove it I not on you Best in the World Award list I am bealy promo I not main draw. I selly not on any crapes Crew job! I not on the poster of this web site! I not a youtube to parter or on TV but fact of made I SHOULD BE! And trust this is not sourgrass but the fact that I not a Crew after all my work MAKE ME SICK STAMET! Oh hay let me get something stright the people are cheer for me right now ur are just the big part of me leavre he b/c ur the ones the soport the shit that i not on! and at 5am in the morning ur try to pm to make a video to pull u why i am at work or have a life b/c ur all to luckyz to go get ur own web cam! I leavreing as me and hay who know maybe i go to anther forum site maybe I go back to wrestlingsportline.com hay hay Jaden3 How are u doing?! The reson I am leavre b/c u user after i ur still going to be here I just a showd on the wheel it going keep turning and i understand that. Cryao is a 100 airv he should be a 10000 air ur want to know why he not b/c he some himself with notslece douchbag ********** yes man like Big Hoss Ramlber who going to what ever he said who going to tell everything he want to hear I like to what have been if Crayo loss ownership of the site but fact he going to still have it. Let me tell u a pearlsoal story about Crayo what were going to do this Bullying BS ............................................................................. :pipebomb: off

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  2. You hacker, how did you post here? :hmm:
  3. I don't kiss any ass apart from Crayo's.

    You need to proof read things like this before you post them.
  4. Lmao this is so much win. Thread of the year!
  5. Can I be your group leader?
  6. Genuinely crying. This is so much fucking win.
  7. What da' fuck is this?
  8. I can't read this. Make the font bigger like earlier lol.
  9. Seriously wondering if he rigged his spellcheck to help him misspell everything.
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  10. My heart says no but my mind says lol
  11. Crayo is such a bully. :why: you bully Randy? :sad:
  12. :dafuq: is this shit?
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  13. Lol'd so hard. ..Now gtfo the forum.
  14. Still can't stop laughing. I don't even know what It means.
  15. I can't even....What did I just....No idea.
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  16. Someone decode this message please.
  17. For those noobs who don't know, he's posting in the same format as CM Punk projected his infamous shoot.
  18. AGREED

  19. I tried bud, but somehow Google Translate detected this as English.
  20. Crayo is a bully.
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