I have a plugin idea.

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  1. Yes, Crayo has another idea, god help us -.-.

    Right, I'll get right into it. MyBB has a built in buddy system but it's poor, it's not used on 99% of the sites who run MyBB and I've come up with a fantastic alternative for a custom plugin which sort of incorporates the "buddy" idea but in a much better way.

    We can have a "fave 5" (Dolph's gets some credit for mentioning his fave 5 for a while). On the post_bit (where the awards, achievements etc are) we can have a box (removing Achievements soon probably for space) where your fave 5 users are added. To add someone to your fave 5, you simply go to their profile and hit "request to add them in fave 5" or something, similar to Facebook marriages.

    Then if they accept, they appear in your box which will have a list of 1-5 like so:


    If the receiver reads it and accepts, they'll be in the requesters post_bit box, but they won't be in yours, you'd need to do the same process. As for example Seabs may be in my fave 5 but I may not be in his :alone:

    We could have perhaps a stat as well which says how many fave 5's your in and have a leaderboard perhaps as a way to see who the most popular user is, I don't know, I don't think that'd cause competitive arguments as everyone gets along here more or less.

    Anyway, pitch in some feedback. If you do like this, it won't be here right away, we'd of course have to wait for a few upgrades (let's hope I win the bets) as I would have to pay for this as it'd be a custom plugin.
  2. It seems like an OK idea. But I thought you had some unfinished ideas about Achievements that you were still going to do, and they're already going?
  3. The achievement ideas weren't possible with the plugin, but I'm going to turn that plugin into a more profile-based thing and not post-bit based.
  4. Sounds like there would be a lot of pissing matches about e-peens and the like

    I'm in.

    spoiler alert though: my fave 5 that I've been referring to actual contains 8 or 9 users, much like Booker T's fave 5 wrestlers
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  5. I see. Well, I'd upgrade to something to help you, but I can't. :sad:
  6. Lmao. Would only allow 5 in the post_bit though noob.
  7. I'm building a fave 5 now.
  8. So you're a fan? :yay:

    I'll message a developer on mybb.com and get a quote.
  9. lol, it might butthurt other users when people look at their fave 5's and wonder why he's not this person's fave 5 or why no one added you (referring to Xanth).
  10. Here is a quote for you.

  11. Not a bad idea.
  12. Thought this too, this is why I was thinking of having more space for Legends. But that ruins the "fave 5" stuff :S.

  13. Xanth takes up 3 spaces by himself. Would anyone seriously get butt hurt over not being in a list?
  14. I doubt it, some might but I know many also wont. I was thinking of restricting it to Superstars+ or something, I'm not sure on that yet.
  15. IMO going something like this regular gets 3 choices, superstar 4, legend 5 works.
  16. That sounds good.:otunga:
  17. Fuck that, I would get mad, 5TH SEABS? REALLY? 5TH?

    I kid.

    Nice idea, I've PM'd the developer. Will let you guys know.
  18. It's a formation, you're the battering ram striker of my 5 a side.

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    So so so last
  19. Eh I'd like the idea I guess. Here's my list:
    1. Farooq
    2. D'Lo Brown
    3. Mark Henry
    4. The Godfather
    5. The Rock

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