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  1. I have mentioned it before... But now would be perfect timing!
    Should make a wwe games ONLY section. There are a ton of people that I know that would join just for a wwe2k section.
    Seriously. It will be out next week, drive traffic to the forum, get new members to join, blah blah.

    That horrible community over at caws.ws would lose a ton of good members to us!!! muahahahahah!!!!!!
  2. lol, people still use Caws.ws?
    I used that site since '07 - '09

    Anyways, I guess we should.
  3. Why? Bring the people over and get them to post in the gaming section when the content is there make a subsection sure. We have what 2 or 3 WWE threads in the gaming section which is being posted in currently (the league, who would you want and moves?)
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  4. Ashley, I think we should sub-forum gaming with media as the section.
  5. Bringing people over through the game will cause them to post elsewhere as well. I joined over another forum because this one looked better to me. Everyone has a preference and having a wwe games section, imo would be good for business.
  6. I say give it a shot at least, can always delete it. Make the section and have sub pinned sections.
  7. I say we just separate media and gaming.

    The Highlight Reel (Media) > Gaming > Prefix WWE Games
  8. My philosophy has always been that if it has enough content and daily activity, then the section is required. Otherwise, it's a no. Currently there isn't enough WWE 2K14 (or WWE games in general) content to warrant a section and not enough people post about it daily. I really do want us to branch into WWE games, but until we get that type of userbase, it's just not happening at the moment.

    For those that want a WWE Games section, you'll need to start making sure there is enough daily WWE game content in the "Gaming & Media" section using the "WWE Games" thread prefix. Spread the word about the forum to WWE game fans and get them to come help you.
  9. Seems like a needless subsection IMO, it's not like we're overwhelmed with either of those so why add another tier?
  10. We have many gaming threads. (The first three pages have a total of 25)
    It's easier to differentiate television, music and movies when it's away from gaming.
  11. "Only add a section if you're forced to" - Crayo

    The more sections, the less pleasurable viewing experience for the user. I've seen many webmasters make the same mistake.

    Yes, I am obnoxious enough to post my OWN quote here.
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  12. The section has 550 threads, it's not worth adding a subsection in to split that up. Even if it's down the middle thats 225 threads many of which aren't active, it's an inactive section on the whole. Hell the first page has threads which haven't be posted in for the past 6 days. How is a subsection required for that?
  13. Sure... just break my heart and piss all over it. MONSTERS! :angry: :upset:
  14. 2/10

    1 for effort
    1 for shaving
    0 for originality
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  15. All the threads aren't really meant to be discussed until the end of time. Some of them are a open and shut case.
    Example: Walking Dead
    It only airs on Sunday's, so the most activity that thread will get is on a Sunday or Monday.

    Although, that's just my opinion.
  16. What about having one big thread for it and have it stickied in the gaming section? WWE games only get a tad of attention,I don't think there's a need of a subsection for it.
  17. SHUT IT SHADOW! NO ONE ASKED YOU! :angry: :mad2: :upset:
  18. WWE2K discussion thread? That would mean we'd have to possibly eliminate the WWE Games prefix.
  19. I get what your saying but I just don't see the purpose at this time, as more threads come in go for it but at the minute the section is crawling let's not try and get it to run a marathon.
  20. A WWE gaming thread will 100% ruin your chances of ever getting a section for it. Keep the content separated and flowing.