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  1. ok so i have never watched tna am i missing much i recognise a couple of the names from wcw and wwe
  2. More entertaining than WWE.
  3. I only started watching iMPACT regularly a couple of weeks back, and I don't regret it one bit. It's awesome.
  4. It's awful. I don't recommend it.
  5. :isee:
  6. Now this is called kayfabing, OP.

    Go watch some TNA, it's very highly awesome.
  7. Agreed. I'm hooked.
  8. im watching the latest ppv now is it good
  9. It's really good
  10. just finished watching and i enjoyed it gunna watch it more often whens it on in the uk
  11. I would say what Dolph's said. Not worth your time while you can be seeing 5 star matches by The Great Khali.
  12. People swear by it but I don't see the big deal to be honest.
  13. It's a good show. Great matches, great talent, and interesting feuds. Storylines need more work, but that's about it. The women also are better wrestlers too, I personally like the X Division even though it could have some work also, Samoa Joe has the television championship, so expect awesome wrestling every week by him and great mic time hopefully :yay: and the tag team division really needs a jump start. Overall still, it's better then what WWE has, the only thing WWE has better is the tag team division to me right now, and more talent, but WWE doesn't know how to use them as oppose to TNA, and since Joey and Matt Morgan are starting a alliance, the tag team division might shape better soon too.
  14. Devon is the new face of Impact Wrestling, that itself is worth watching, let alone every other good stuff.
  15. Basically everything that's been said... if you enjoy WWE you will LOVE TNA
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